Chocolate Mango Smoothie


The biggest difference that I have noticed between this pregnancy and my first is my self-care. It has definitely been more challenging to balance the need for a higher level of care for myself and growing baby as I also care for my toddler, my home, animals, property and hold a job outside of Woodford. Where before I could lay down whenever, planned my meals and snacked well, and was pretty focused on my unborn child and nothing else, now I have a toddler who I gladly give my portion of food up to, chase around all day, and who insists on climbing waaaaay up on my lap, regardless of my belly size.

One of the ways I’ve been able to sneak in some extra calories and protein is with smoothies. These are especially great on mornings I have to work, or as a “dessert” on days I know I didn’t eat well. Continue reading

Garden Update – June 2017


In addition to our What are We Growing? page, I thought I would post a more detailed listing of what exactly is in my vegetable beds this year.

For those of you who are up to date, I cut back on my desire to experiment and grow “it all”, and focused on really pumping up the quantity of the varieties we love to eat, both fresh and preserved.

Continue reading

New Garden Markers


Last year, my husband surprised me with some carved wooden garden stakes, wood burned with various vegetable names. We quickly added many more, marking my culinary and medicinal herbs, as well as all my vegetables. They looked really adorable, and were a fun (and free!) project.

However, after a year of rain and sun, bugs and wind, the woodburning faded. The herb markers were left out all winter, and had become impossible to read. The vegetable markers had made it safely to storage, but we’re still very worn and faded.

I love the look of the stakes, but needed a more durable way to mark my plants, so I wouldn’t spend hours re-burning the letters in. So I decided to try paint markers! Continue reading

Quinoa Vegetable Egg Rolls


My husband and I are big fans of egg roll and wonton wrappers. Sold in the produce department, these are super easy to use, and so versatile. I love them for quick snacks, lunches, or for when we do our own Asian food nights.  Continue reading

Garden Planning Tips


I absolutely love garden planning, to the point that I tend to start thinking about next year before I’ve even put this year’s garden to bed. I even find myself slightly disappointed in the lack of “work” there is to do in planning these days – I’ve honed in on those tried-and-true varieties, and really gotten the layout of my vegetable bed down to a science. Really, it plans itself nowadays! Continue reading

Hand-Knit Wash Cloths


I love knitting, and  I constantly push myself a little further in knowledge and skill by trying new stitches, methods and projects. Yet some of the most fun projects are those simple, easy little ones that you can whip out in no time. I have a love-hate relationship with knitting blankets – they can take so long to finish, that you lack the triumphant feeling of finishing and accomplishing. With smaller projects, you get that satisfaction of a completed project much sooner! Sometimes I will even take a break from larger projects to do something smaller, just as a refreshing distraction. Continue reading

Homestead Update: A Greenhouse


One project that has been underway since March on our property is the building of our very own greenhouse – shed. This combination building was really an exciting project for me, as I have dreamed of having a greenhouse for years. With our growing homestead, we needed a space to organize the gardening tools, yard implements, our chicken bedding, feed and tools, as well as our new assortment of beekeeping equipment.  Continue reading