Peach & Blueberry Breakfast Crisp

Blueberry season is under way here in Connecticut, eagerly awaited by my husband and I.  We nearly made it the full year without running out of blueberry jam, finishing the last jar up only about a month ago.


This year, we picked at a different local farm, enjoying the trip as part of our last family-weekend before our new baby arrives.

In addition to canning more jam, as well as some whole berries in syrup, we froze some of the blueberries, made smoothie packs, and I made two trays of this delicious peach & blueberry crisp. Continue reading

Mango Lassi Bites

Summer is well underway, and since I live in New England, I have the added bonus of humidity, the one thing that takes a hot summer day from “ok, this is hot” to “this is unbearable” in no time at all.

This means loading up on lots of cool drinks and icy snacks to break the heat and keep cool. Since my family and I seriously limit out processed food intake, a lot of our summer snacks are cheaper and healthier if made at home!

One go-to snack that is beyond easy to make are these Mango Lassi bites. Ever had a delicious mango lassi from your local Indian restaurant? If not, you’re missing out! Lassis are yogurt-based drinks, typically loaded with fresh fruit, and some include additives like spices or honey.

These bites are just like a mango lassi, take maybe 5 minutes to make, and there is just nothing quite like the velvety texture of frozen mango!



2-cups frozen mango chunks

1-cup plain yogurt (Greek style works best, for a nice thick coating, but any will do.)

1-tsp honey

1-tsp cinnamon

1/2-tsp nutmeg

1/2-tsp allspice


Mix spices, yogurt and honey together in a small bowl.

Place a sheet of parchment or wax paper on a baking sheet. Working quickly, dip mango chunks into the  yogurt, coating well, and place on baking sheet. You can use tongs, chopsticks or individually skewer the mango chunks with toothpicks. All work well for handling the mango chunks.

Once finished, place the baking sheet in the freezer, and leave for about a half hour, or until yogurt has frozen solid. Then remove chunks from the tray, storing them in a reusable container or bag in your freezer.


Strawberry Preserves

As I recently shared, my husband and I took our two-year old strawberry picking for the first time. We harvested a little under 30-lbs of strawberries, all from a local farm that offered a relaxing, quiet picking session. The berries were so delicious, bursting with flavor and dripping with sweet juice!


We enjoyed eating them fresh, often unable to eat just one, and put up four pints of whole strawberries in syrup, to be used for pies, tarts and other fun desserts.  The other recipe that we tried out this year was for strawberry preserves, and we were able to can (5) pints of it. The preserves are sweet and jammy, but still feature the bright freshness of the strawberry, accentuated by the lemon zest.

Continue reading

Whole Strawberries in Syrup


If there is one thing I always think of when the month of June comes to mind, it’s strawberries. As a child, we always went strawberry picking for one of my younger brother’s birthdays which falls in June, and I remember we would pick berries boys vs. girl style to see who could fill their basket with the most berries. June is simply Strawberry Month to me, and probably always will be.  Continue reading

Taco Pickles

I love tacos – who doesn’t, really? I think that most of all, I love the extreme versatility of this food – you can put anything in a taco, load it up with whatever toppings you want, and enjoy. My husband and I love doing “taco night” with our family, and enjoying multiple types of tacos, mix and matching the toppings for different combinations.

That being said, Taco Pickles are definitely something you’ll want to add to your next topping bar! It sounds a little strange, pickles on a taco? But these are not your ordinary pickles! This recipe makes a pickled mix of jalapenos, radishes and carrots that comes out zesty, tangy, and spicy. I love adding it to fish tacos, as the bite of the vinegar compliments it so well. But I’ve used it on vegetarian tacos, venison tacos, shredded chicken, you name it!  Continue reading

Loaded Hummus Vegetable Sandwich (Vegan)

I love hummus — on crackers, toast, or fresh cut vegetables like peppers, carrots, celery – you name it, I’ll eat it!  One of my favorite ways to add hummus to my diet is by including it in wraps and sandwiches.

veggiesand5 Continue reading

Composting – An Easy How-To Guide

Composting is a really easy and beneficial practice for any homestead or property. It’s a great way to utilize the inedible portions of fruits or vegetables, as well as scraps and bits that don’t make it into your dish. (For another use for vegetable scraps, check out our post on DIY: Stock!

Your compost pile can be as small or large as you like, and in addition to giving these scraps new life, you are building your very own supply of natural, organic fertilizer! I have been using our own compost as my only form of fertilizer and nutritional support for my garden beds for years now. Continue reading