Our Greenhouse


Our greenhouse is by far one of my favorite parts of our little farm. Our dream of a dual purpose shed-greenhouse became a reality when my husband found a local builder who specialized in sheds, greenhouses and small outbuildings. With his help, we were able to customize and design everything about our greenhouse.

The view from our greenhouse windows. 

The build started in April of 2017, and after a few weeks of rain, flooding and intermittent projects, it was wrapped up in May. You can check out all of the progress photos and project details here.

All of my gardening tools, neatly organized at last!

In the weeks since its completion, we have slowly organized our tools, gardening supplies, as well as our chicken and beekeeping equipment. We still have a few shelves to put in for the chicken and beekeeping items, but the majority of the greenhouse is finished. I love going in there, and its location in our yard is far more convenient for tool storage – it’s so easy to grab a needed tool, refill the chicken feeder, or check on my daughter’s lemon tree!

A refillable water container holds the water I use for the greenhouse plants, as well as serves as hand washing sink.

I loved having all of my vegetable starts in the greenhouse, and am looking forward to keeping some fall/winter crops in there this year as well! It will be my first year attempting some winter greenhouse gardening, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the triumphs and mishaps!

My husband designed our tool rack using some used horseshoes salvaged from the horse farm around the corner from us.

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