Venison & Sweet Potato Curry

When left to my own devices, down to a few ingredients and a rumbling belly, I tend to gravitate towards dishes with either a Mexican/Latin taste, or something Indian. Making a curry is something I definitely don’t do even close to as good as my local Indian restaurant does, but the warm, spicy flavors are definitely a regular in my own cooking.

This dish was thrown together early one morning. I think the first time I made it, we were expecting a storm with strong winds, and so I decided to do a dump-cooking style dish on our wood stove, this way dinner was something I wouldn’t have to worry about.  Continue reading “Venison & Sweet Potato Curry”


Rustic Lentil Chicken (Vegan option)

While it may be something of the past now, it always seemed to me that every family had that one dish that drew the family together. Something warm, hearty and comforting, a dish that young and old enjoyed and that really didn’t take much effort to prepare.

Continue reading “Rustic Lentil Chicken (Vegan option)”

Fresh Herb Venison Meatballs

If you haven’t caught on just yet, I love venison. I’m always looking for new ways to cook it, as well as testing out ways to replace beef with venison in classic recipes.

My husband and I both had successful hunting seasons in 2014, with each of us putting one deer in the freezer. We were able to grind a lot, and as such I’ve become the delighted master of ground venison recipes. Meatloaf, tacos, Hunter’s pie, you name it, I’ve made a venison version!

image Continue reading “Fresh Herb Venison Meatballs”

Recipe: Swedish Meatballs

Let me preface this recipe by saying: NO, this is not the one with the jelly. There are recipes out there for dishes that include jelly in the meatballs, or served on top, and while it is clearly enjoyed by some, I have to admit I am of the group that shudder at the thought. Blegh.

Anyway, this recipe is relatively quick, is cooked in one pot, and is simply to die for. It’s rich, delicious, creamy, warm and filling – I know, not the type of recipe you’re usually looking for in April! But since Winter refuses to let go here in New England, we are still enjoying our hearty recipes, this one especially. Every time I make it, my husband asks when we will be having it again before his bowl is even empty! Continue reading “Recipe: Swedish Meatballs”

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