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Nettle Pasta

Stinging Nettles are wonderful! Not only are the unusually high in protein for a plant, but they contain a lot of vitamins A & C, iron, calcium and potassium. Stinging Nettle can be substituted anywhere you would usually use spinach or even kale. Continue reading

Cooking Basics: Egg Noodles Recipe

Making your own pasta is so simple, really doesn’t take a lot of a time, and delivers a high-quality product that will blow away any pasta you can purchase off your grocery shelves.

It’s a simple, basic recipe that is worth keeping in your recipe book and honestly, after a time or two of making it, you’ll probably have it memorized!  Continue reading

Homemade Penne Twists

Making homemade pasta is one of the easiest and fulfilling “kitchen crafts”! Sure, you need some time to work the dough and crank it through the machine, but it isn’t the hours and hours of horrible work most people imagine when you tell them you make your own pasta. Continue reading