Cranberry Wild Rice with Pine Nuts

Thanksgiving is my favorite of the major holidays. I love it because it’s so simple, despite what the retail world has been implementing with the craziness of the shopping that follows it. There is no form of commercialism – no gift giving, cards, candy,  filled baskets, none of that nonsense! It’s just family and food.  Continue reading “Cranberry Wild Rice with Pine Nuts”


Venison & Sweet Potato Curry

When left to my own devices, down to a few ingredients and a rumbling belly, I tend to gravitate towards dishes with either a Mexican/Latin taste, or something Indian. Making a curry is something I definitely don’t do even close to as good as my local Indian restaurant does, but the warm, spicy flavors are definitely a regular in my own cooking.

This dish was thrown together early one morning. I think the first time I made it, we were expecting a storm with strong winds, and so I decided to do a dump-cooking style dish on our wood stove, this way dinner was something I wouldn’t have to worry about.  Continue reading “Venison & Sweet Potato Curry”

Blueberry Mint Cocktail

While canning our pounds and pounds of blueberries this year, I scooped out a small amount of our blueberry mint jam before it was fully ready, keeping it looser to use as a syrup. (If interested, follow my recipe for Blueberry Mint Jam, and simply stop reducing your mixture after about 8-10 minutes, before it gets too thick.)

This syrup is delightful in lemonades, as well as cocktails. Try out this delicious recipe, and see for yourself! Continue reading “Blueberry Mint Cocktail”

Harvesting Acorns

One fall activity I look forward to doing every year, is harvesting acorns. We have an abundance of oak trees on our property, and in the surrounding preserve, making these nuts easy to come by. The last two years, we have been blessed with a good, strong bumper crop – something I am sure the deer and wildlife love as much as we do!

We primarily use our acorns for making acorn bitters, an woodland take on Angostura bitters that is tannic, earthy and has a warm nutty flavor all at once. We add them to our fall cocktails, and they are a truly delicious treat! However there are many people out there who also use acorns to make their own acorn flour. Continue reading “Harvesting Acorns”

Canning Recipe: Peach Slices

This was our first year canning peaches, and it couldn’t have been easier. The peaches have held their sweetness, shape, and texture quite well, much to my husband’s delight, as peaches are his favorite fruit.

We did freeze some peach slices, but it is my understanding that canning preserves their natural sweetness better than freezing them. This recipe is easy, and creates a light syrup that does not overwhelm the peaches’ natural flavor.

Continue reading “Canning Recipe: Peach Slices”

Smoothie Freezer Packs

One of the final preparations I did before the birth of our second child was to put some pre-made smoothie packs in the freezer. They are great for an easy breakfast, or a wholesome snack when I’m busy taking care of my newborn and toddler!


Smoothie packs are so easy to make, and I love how versatile they are! You simply pre-portion out your fruits and greens, pop them in the freezer, and when the day comes to have one, you just dump them in the blender and turn it on! Continue reading “Smoothie Freezer Packs”

Peach & Blueberry Breakfast Crisp

Blueberry season is under way here in Connecticut, eagerly awaited by my husband and I.  We nearly made it the full year without running out of blueberry jam, finishing the last jar up only about a month ago.


This year, we picked at a different local farm, enjoying the trip as part of our last family-weekend before our new baby arrives.

In addition to canning more jam, as well as some whole berries in syrup, we froze some of the blueberries, made smoothie packs, and I made two trays of this delicious peach & blueberry crisp. Continue reading “Peach & Blueberry Breakfast Crisp”

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