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Peach & Blueberry Breakfast Crisp

Blueberry season is under way here in Connecticut, eagerly awaited by my husband and I.  We nearly made it the full year without running out of blueberry jam, finishing the last jar up only about a month ago.


This year, we picked at a different local farm, enjoying the trip as part of our last family-weekend before our new baby arrives.

In addition to canning more jam, as well as some whole berries in syrup, we froze some of the blueberries, made smoothie packs, and I made two trays of this delicious peach & blueberry crisp. Continue reading

Tomato & Zucchini Quinoa Bowl (Vegan Option)


I love recipes that are filling, fresh. and delicious… and that came from absolutely nowhere. This recipe is another that I whipped up one night when I only had a few items left in the fridge to cook with – a tomato, half a zucchini, some onion, chicken thighs, and bag of quinoa in the pantry.   Continue reading

Vegetable Tacos with Black Bean Guacamole (Vegan)


While I am not vegetarian or vegan, I do stick to a whole foods, plant based diet. I try to consume as little commercial meat as possible, with no beef at all, and since our wild game options are somewhat limited, I frequently eat vegetarian and vegan meals.

Continue reading

Crockpot Chicken Taco Soup

This is one of my favorite recipes – a Chicken Taco soup loaded with veggies, warm, comforting and spicy, and super easy to make. It takes a few minutes to prep the veggies, but then you just dump everything in the crock pot, and forget about it all day!
tacosoupbowl Continue reading

Recipe: Swedish Meatballs

Let me preface this recipe by saying: NO, this is not the one with the jelly. There are recipes out there for dishes that include jelly in the meatballs, or served on top, and while it is clearly enjoyed by some, I have to admit I am of the group that shudder at the thought. Blegh.

Anyway, this recipe is relatively quick, is cooked in one pot, and is simply to die for. It’s rich, delicious, creamy, warm and filling – I know, not the type of recipe you’re usually looking for in April! But since Winter refuses to let go here in New England, we are still enjoying our hearty recipes, this one especially. Every time I make it, my husband asks when we will be having it again before his bowl is even empty! Continue reading

Indian Lentil Chicken Wraps


This dish was one of those creations that results from an empty fridge. Playing Chopped is something that has resulted in many of our steady favorites, and rarely lets us down.

This dish is simple, and you can easily adjust the flavors based on what you have in your own home. I will warn you, it is insanely difficult to smell this cooking all day long. I wanted to dive head first into my crockpot and eat every last bit of it! Continue reading

Pizza on the Grill

This recipe is simple, delicious and can be customized however you want. Cooking pizza on the grill is easy, and a great way to keep the budget down, and the house cool. Continue reading