Cooking Basics: DIY Crushed Pepper

My husband and I enjoy spicy foods, always adding a little heat to our dishes. So when I ended up with a surplus of hot cayenne peppers from last year’s garden, I decided to dry them out.

In the past, I’ve strung the peppers up and hung them to dry, which is truly the “right” way to do it. I confess to being completely distracted by the jars and jars of blueberry jam, tomato sauce and diced tomatoes that I was putting up, and so I picked the peppers, and promptly forgot about them. Continue reading “Cooking Basics: DIY Crushed Pepper”


The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg Recipe for Fresh Eggs

If you have chickens, or even just access to fresh eggs, no doubt you have started to look for different ways to use them all up. One favorite in our house is making deviled eggs, which means hard-boiling the eggs first. Should be pretty simple, right?


Continue reading “The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg Recipe for Fresh Eggs”

Cooking Basics: DIY Croutons

There are essential recipes and basics that all home cooks and homesteaders should learn. Simple things that we can all make to improve and expand our knowledge and kitchen-horizons.

When I first made a list of recipes that would be a part of my Cooking Basics series, I knew immediately that I had to include croutons. This is a super easy task that takes little time, and reduces your waste by using scraps, stale bread or even bread ends (why does everyone hate the “heel”?) that you may not have eaten otherwise. Buying croutons from the store can be costly, and most of them are covered in artificial flavors, high in sodium and loaded with sugar. Continue reading “Cooking Basics: DIY Croutons”

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