Blueberry Mint Cocktail

While canning our pounds and pounds of blueberries this year, I scooped out a small amount of our blueberry mint jam before it was fully ready, keeping it looser to use as a syrup. (If interested, follow my recipe for Blueberry Mint Jam, and simply stop reducing your mixture after about 8-10 minutes, before it gets too thick.)

This syrup is delightful in lemonades, as well as cocktails. Try out this delicious recipe, and see for yourself! Continue reading “Blueberry Mint Cocktail”


Cucumber-Infused Cocktails

One easy way to use an abundance of cucumbers is by infusing alcohol for cocktails! This takes very little time and makes for truly refreshing drinks.

We infused white rum, as well as tequila. Clear, light-flavored spirits are best when choosing an alcohol to infuse. Spirits that have a strong flavor on their own, like whiskeys, will be difficulty to infuse, especially with the gentle taste of cucumber. Stick with easy to infuse options like vodka, white rum, tequila or even gin. Continue reading “Cucumber-Infused Cocktails”

What are Acorn Bitters?

My husband and I enjoy a good drink now and then, and we tend to favor the old classics – Old Fashions, Manhattans, Gimlets, etc.

One of the key ingredients for an Old Fashion is the Angostura bitters. I love bitters, so I tend to add an extra dash (or twelve!) to my drink for that bold punch. There are a lot of other versions of bitters out there, for example we started using cranberry bitters in cocktails – delicious! Continue reading “What are Acorn Bitters?”

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