2017 Pantry Stock-Up

The canning season is winding down here in Woodford, leaving behind a wonderful assortment of canned goods! Our pantry is a rainbow of beautifully preserved fruits, vegetables, jams and broths. Continue reading “2017 Pantry Stock-Up”


Harvesting Acorns

One fall activity I look forward to doing every year, is harvesting acorns. We have an abundance of oak trees on our property, and in the surrounding preserve, making these nuts easy to come by. The last two years, we have been blessed with a good, strong bumper crop – something I am sure the deer and wildlife love as much as we do!

We primarily use our acorns for making acorn bitters, an woodland take on Angostura bitters that is tannic, earthy and has a warm nutty flavor all at once. We add them to our fall cocktails, and they are a truly delicious treat! However there are many people out there who also use acorns to make their own acorn flour. Continue reading “Harvesting Acorns”

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