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Hand-Knit Wash Cloths


I love knitting, and  I constantly push myself a little further in knowledge and skill by trying new stitches, methods and projects. Yet some of the most fun projects are those simple, easy little ones that you can whip out in no time. I have a love-hate relationship with knitting blankets – they can take so long to finish, that you lack the triumphant feeling of finishing and accomplishing. With smaller projects, you get that satisfaction of a completed project much sooner! Sometimes I will even take a break from larger projects to do something smaller, just as a refreshing distraction. Continue reading

DIY – Cabled head band / ear warmer

One of my goals fro 2015 was to challenge myself with adding the daunting skill of cabling to my knitting. It’s always looked really complicated – extra double-pointed needles, stitches hanging here and there… GULP. Continue reading