DIY: Children’s Play Stove

Not only do I love making things for my girls, but it is important to me to try and give a handmade gift every year for Christmas.

This year, I made a play stove for my older daughter, who is 2 1/2 years old. She is really in to play cooking right now, as well as helping us in the kitchen when we cook, so I knew she would love this gift.

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Quiet Activity Book for Toddlers

One adorable crafting project that I’ve seen plenty of on the internet are “quiet books”, also called “busy books”. These cute little books are usually made from felt or fabric, and are designed with lots of quiet activities, intended to keep your little one occupied – and most importantly quiet – when needed. Continue reading “Quiet Activity Book for Toddlers”

Green Cleaning Tips for the Homestead

Practicing and maintaining green cleaning processes in our home, and on our property, are important values for my family and I. We have been using all natural cleaners in our home for several years now. When we moved to Woodford, and now had a septic system and well to care for, our need to improve our practices expanded.

What are our practices, and what types of cleaners do we use? The list is simple, yet effective. The best part is that many of our cleaners share the same core ingredients, meaning we can buy in bulk. This saves us money, while also allowing us to make a wide range of household cleaners.  Continue reading “Green Cleaning Tips for the Homestead”

Turmeric & Honey Facial Cleanse

Our skin is probably one of the most undervalued features of our body. It protects us, bears the brunt of all our activities – burns, cuts, scrapes, sunburn, rashes, bug bites, bruising, and so on. We coat it with soaps, makeups, sunblocks, perfumes and so much more, sometimes without a second thought. And even if you do your best to keep your skin chemical-free, choosing natural and organic products, your skin still comes in contact with undesirables throughout the day.   Continue reading “Turmeric & Honey Facial Cleanse”

New Garden Markers


Last year, my husband surprised me with some carved wooden garden stakes, wood burned with various vegetable names. We quickly added many more, marking my culinary and medicinal herbs, as well as all my vegetables. They looked really adorable, and were a fun (and free!) project.

However, after a year of rain and sun, bugs and wind, the woodburning faded. The herb markers were left out all winter, and had become impossible to read. The vegetable markers had made it safely to storage, but we’re still very worn and faded.

I love the look of the stakes, but needed a more durable way to mark my plants, so I wouldn’t spend hours re-burning the letters in. So I decided to try paint markers! Continue reading “New Garden Markers”

Garden Planning Tips


I absolutely love garden planning, to the point that I tend to start thinking about next year before I’ve even put this year’s garden to bed. I even find myself slightly disappointed in the lack of “work” there is to do in planning these days – I’ve honed in on those tried-and-true varieties, and really gotten the layout of my vegetable bed down to a science. Really, it plans itself nowadays! Continue reading “Garden Planning Tips”

Hand-Knit Wash Cloths


I love knitting, and  I constantly push myself a little further in knowledge and skill by trying new stitches, methods and projects. Yet some of the most fun projects are those simple, easy little ones that you can whip out in no time. I have a love-hate relationship with knitting blankets – they can take so long to finish, that you lack the triumphant feeling of finishing and accomplishing. With smaller projects, you get that satisfaction of a completed project much sooner! Sometimes I will even take a break from larger projects to do something smaller, just as a refreshing distraction. Continue reading “Hand-Knit Wash Cloths”

How to Keep A Garden Journal

I’ve been keeping a garden journal for several years now. Some years were more detailed than others, or I kept more frequent notes, and other years I only jotted down my varietals and a few early weather notes. Since moving to our current property, I’ve “upgraded” my note taking to include all homesteading things: wildlife sightings, chicken and bee keeping notes, gardening, weather, seed starting, and even our canning totals!


Keeping a log or journal can seem like a daunting task at first – how do you get started? What do you need? I’ve found that over the years my needs have changed, and being open to adapting and changing your format is key to a successful journal.  Continue reading “How to Keep A Garden Journal”

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