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Strawberry Preserves

As I recently shared, my husband and I took our two-year old strawberry picking for the first time. We harvested a little under 30-lbs of strawberries, all from a local farm that offered a relaxing, quiet picking session. The berries were so delicious, bursting with flavor and dripping with sweet juice!


We enjoyed eating them fresh, often unable to eat just one, and put up four pints of whole strawberries in syrup, to be used for pies, tarts and other fun desserts.  The other recipe that we tried out this year was for strawberry preserves, and we were able to can (5) pints of it. The preserves are sweet and jammy, but still feature the bright freshness of the strawberry, accentuated by the lemon zest.

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Whole Strawberries in Syrup


If there is one thing I always think of when the month of June comes to mind, it’s strawberries. As a child, we always went strawberry picking for one of my younger brother’s birthdays which falls in June, and I remember we would pick berries boys vs. girl style to see who could fill their basket with the most berries. June is simply Strawberry Month to me, and probably always will be.  Continue reading

Blueberry Jam – No sugar and no pectin added!


Recently, my husband and I took our one-year old daughter blueberry picking, and brought a little over 8.5-lbs of blueberries home. Our daughter absolutely loves blueberries, so we knew she would have fun, and we were ready to make our own jam and syrup, as well as some blueberry scones. Continue reading