Smoky Beets

Smoky, sweet, earthy… these beets are delicious and easy to cook up on the grill, or roasted in your favorite cast iron pan! They make an excellent addition to any meal, or a tasty snack. I love them dipped in a nice, quality mustard!

They have such a rich and satisfying taste, we even add them our “bar food” nights!
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Spring 2018 Bee Update

It’s springtime in New England! Which means it’s time to don our bee suits, and get into the hives!

This spring inspection was our first, closing out our first year as beekeepers! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I haven’t been in the bee hives since early last summer, as I was far along in my pregnancy… AND, we were planning to do our first hive split! Continue reading “Spring 2018 Bee Update”

Vegetable Enchiladas with Tomato-Beet Sauce

One of my favorite parts about cooking is the ability to make dishes from any style of food, any culture. Some are definitely trickier to pull off with an authentic feel, but others are so flexible to interpretation and preference that anyone can cook them! We enjoy a lot of Japanese, Thai, Indian, Pakistani, and Italian dishes, as well as some South American, Spanish and Mexican dishes. Continue reading “Vegetable Enchiladas with Tomato-Beet Sauce”

Spring 2018

Spring is slowly, but surely, coming upon us here in the great Northeast. It’s been a very wet, muddy winter, with nearly non-stop rain and snow all season. Period of warmth allowed the snow to keep melting between storms, but we have flooding in all low-lying areas, including all around our property! Continue reading “Spring 2018”

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