2017 Pantry Stock-Up

The canning season is winding down here in Woodford, leaving behind a wonderful assortment of canned goods! Our pantry is a rainbow of beautifully preserved fruits, vegetables, jams and broths.


In follow-up to our annual What Are We Growing? page, below is a list of all the delicious goods we were able to put up. Many of the recipes are available on the blog as well, so you can enjoy them too!


2 pints dilly beans

2 quarts green beans

10 pints peach slices

4-pints whole strawberries

4 pints strawberry preserves

5 pints whole blueberries

4 pints blueberry jam

1 pint mint blueberry jam

6 pints spiced bourbon apple butter

4 quarts diced tomatoes

12 pints diced tomatoes

1 quart of jalapeño salsa

9 half pints of balsamic & black pepper beets (we will be giving most of these out as part of our Christmas gift to family)

3 pints of vegetable stock (and dozens of cubes of bouillon)

20 cubes of jalapeño purée

1 quart acorn bitters

65 shallots (20 to eat, saved 45 and planted them; we decided to make the investment and plant more than we keep)

30 bulbs of garlic

2 crates of carrots (257 carrots total)

1.5-lbs of diced carrots (frozen)
We also have been able to put a lot of venison and fish in the freezer this year, and made a bunch of our own jerky.

I love putting up our own goods, and sharing them with our family and friends. It’s such a great feeling to look at all the hard work we put in, all those gorgeous jars of goods set aside. While we do have the convenience of a modern grocery store, there’s something fun and inspiring about preserving our own food, setting aside summer’s best for cold winter days. The only thing left to do now is … well, to start preparing for next year’s garden!


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