Quiet Activity Book for Toddlers

One adorable crafting project that I’ve seen plenty of on the internet are “quiet books”, also called “busy books”. These cute little books are usually made from felt or fabric, and are designed with lots of quiet activities, intended to keep your little one occupied – and most importantly quiet – when needed.qb5

I’ve always thought they were adorable, and such a fun project to undertake, but it’s always been something at the bottom of my to-do list. My daughter is pretty good over all, and the books did look like something that would take hours and hours to do – the type of project I wasn’t interested in.

When our new baby just weeks away, I decided that now was the perfect time to try and make my own quiet book. I looked through my craft supplies and found some sheets of felt and a few useable items – like small wooden letters, buckles, snaps and velcro – and then my daughter and I headed over to the craft store to pick out some additional items.


We picked out a packet of primary color felt sheets, as well as some specialty pattern sheets that just magically happened to be on clearance! They also had some stiff felt sheets that I haven’t seen before, which I think are just perfect for our front and back book covers. My daughter insisted on orange, and I was glad to find they had it!

I knew I wanted to do a color-matching page with wood craft sticks, and found some pre-painted ones for the same cost, which saved me an extra step. I also had fun picking out different styles of felt stickers – like woodland animals, flowers, and some ladybugs and honeybees. While only a little over 2-years old, my daughter has quite an established opinion and tastes, and I think she had a lot of fun helping pick out these items as well.

Our supplies gathered, we headed home, ready for fun. I spent a decent amount of time perusing Pinterest one evening before this, looking at different ideas and styles of books. Some pages are really amazing, and people put an extraordinary amount of time and effort in to their books! As much as part of me would love to do the same, I was also 8-months pregnant and somewhat time limited, so I decided on making my pages in the no-sew method – hurray for hot glue guns!

I decided to make the following pages to start, based on things my daughter is interested in:

  • Color matching
  • Shape matching
  • Laundry basket w/hanging line
  • Woodland animals
  • Vegetable garden
  • Flower garden w/bees and ladybugs
  • Beehive with honeybees & numbers for counting
  • Number counting with beads
  • Closures page (snaps, velcro, zipper, button & buckle)

I bound the pages with grommets and ribbon, so that I can add or change pages in the future if needed.

Since I did not have to do any sewing for this project (aside from the button on the closure page), the pages actually went together very quickly. The first day, I was able to put the front cover page and 5 activity pages together! I found it fun to cut out the shapes and arrange them in cute designs, imagining how my daughter would interact and play with them.

When designing your own pages, it’s important to think about how your child will play with them, as well as choosing topics and features that will interest your child. My daughter loves playing outside, being involved in our tasks and chores, and any type of buckle or closures, so I kept this in mind when making her pages. I would still like to add a barn page with animal finger puppets, and another page with more snaps for her to practice with, but those will have to stay on the to-do list for a little longer.



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