Turmeric & Honey Facial Cleanse

Our skin is probably one of the most undervalued features of our body. It protects us, bears the brunt of all our activities – burns, cuts, scrapes, sunburn, rashes, bug bites, bruising, and so on. We coat it with soaps, makeups, sunblocks, perfumes and so much more, sometimes without a second thought. And even if you do your best to keep your skin chemical-free, choosing natural and organic products, your skin still comes in contact with undesirables throughout the day.  

A good cleanse is needed to refresh and rejuvenate our skin. This all natural turmeric and honey face wash is easy to make, and helps to purge your skin of chemicals, dirt and more. I used this frequently last winter, when my face took a beating between pregnancy hormones, dry New England air and my attempts to control my prenatal acne.  Want to know a secret? This cleanse is also delicious! That might sound funny at first, and while I didn’t take a spoon and eat my face wash (it was a thought!), it is nice to use something so natural and healthy, that getting it in your mouth on accident isn’t a cause for alarm, it’s actually quite pleasant!

Turmeric & Honey Facial Cleanse

This recipe makes enough for about (2) washes. I kept the unused portion covered in the refrigerator overnight, and took it out an hour or two before I wanted to use it, just so it could warm up a little. If you’re using this wash in the summer though, it might be great cold!


2-tsp. Honey

1/2-tsp. turmeric

1-tsp fresh lemon juice

1-tbl old fashioned oats


If you have a mortar and pestle, grind the oats down until they are very fine, as close to powder as you can get. You can use a food processor if you prefer.

Mix all ingredients together well.

Prepare your face – remove any makeup, sunblock, or skin products you have applied throughout the day. Even if you didn’t apply anything, it’s important to still wash up, removing any sweat or dirt that has accumulated. Rinse your face well, ending with a nice warm, rinse. The warm water will open your skin’s pores up, allowing to to better absorb the scrub.

Apply a healthy, even layer of the turmeric & honey cleanser. I typically pin back my hair, and wrap an old beach towel around my shoulders and neck, to catch any drips. Leave the mixture on for at least 5 minutes. I like to apply it in the evenings, once my toddler is settled in bed, and I can just relax. I’ll throw on a show, or start reading, and typically forget that I have it on! But if you are short on time, 5 minutes is a good minimum.

Once done, rinse your skin well, and pat dry. If needed, use a natural, gentle soap to wash off any stickiness from the honey.


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