Chocolate Mango Smoothie


The biggest difference that I have noticed between this pregnancy and my first is my self-care. It has definitely been more challenging to balance the need for a higher level of care for myself and growing baby as I also care for my toddler, my home, animals, property and hold a job outside of Woodford. Where before I could lay down whenever, planned my meals and snacked well, and was pretty focused on my unborn child and nothing else, now I have a toddler who I gladly give my portion of food up to, chase around all day, and who insists on climbing waaaaay up on my lap, regardless of my belly size.

One of the ways I’ve been able to sneak in some extra calories and protein is with smoothies. These are especially great on mornings I have to work, or as a “dessert” on days I know I didn’t eat well.

Smoothies are wonderful because of their versatility, and ease of preparation. We typically keep frozen fruit on hand, and always have almond milk in the fridge, so I can always assemble some form of smoothie!

This chocolate mango smoothie is made with almond butter and almond milk, with a little bit of local honey. It’s fast, easy, and absolutely delicious. With only four ingredients, you can’t go wrong, and if you omit the honey, it’s vegan as well!

1.5 cups frozen mango chunks
1-cup chocolate almond milk
1/4 cup smooth almond butter
1 tsp. local honey Omit honey for a vegan option. You can substitute for a plant-based sweetener, or choose to leave out entirely.


Add all ingredient to your blender and mix well! I added the honey since the almond butter I use is unsweetened, and can have a dry, semi-bitter taste to it. You could use a sweetened variety, or swap it out for any other nut butter of your choice! Don’t have mango, swap it out! Drink soy milk instead? Go for it.


The basic measurements will ensure a rich and creamy smoothie that is just delightful. It is important to use frozen fruit for this recipe, otherwise you will need to play around and add either ice, a frozen yogurt or ice cream, to get the rich, partially frozen texture.

This smoothie recipe is great as the spring is heating up, I feel like we are heading right into summer already! (It’s an evening at the end of April, and my house thermostat still says its 77 in my house, just from the heat of the day!)

I’ll be whipping this frozen treat up all summer long, a great way to relax, cool off and nourish myself and my baby!

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