Garden Update – June 2017


In addition to our What are We Growing? page, I thought I would post a more detailed listing of what exactly is in my vegetable beds this year.

For those of you who are up to date, I cut back on my desire to experiment and grow “it all”, and focused on really pumping up the quantity of the varieties we love to eat, both fresh and preserved.

Over the last few years, we’ve really honed in on our canning abilities, and my husband’s grandmother passed on her pressure canner to me, which has been an amazing addition to my life. We canned several dozen jars last year, from stock and stew mixes, to vegetables, fruits, jams and more.
We also had great success with our first “root cellar” adventure, with fresh carrots in our basement until nearly February of this year. the only reason we stopped in February was actually because we ate them all, not because they started to turn or anything!

So here is a detailed look at exactly what we put into our vegetable beds this year. I’ll update in the fall when I start the cool weather crops again (hint: I’m going to take some adventures into sauerkraut and kimchii making!) All of the root vegetables, squash, peas, corn, watermelon, and beans were direct seeded. All of the tomatoes, peppers, and the eggplants were started indoors back in February.

Garden Variety List – 2017

(400) Nantes carrots

(200) Detroit Red beets

(100) Chiaggia Guardsmark beets

(5) California Wonder Bell Peppers

(6) Cucumbers

(100) Sugar Snap Peas

(100) Maxibel Bush Beans

(8) Black Beauty Eggplants

Heirloom tomatoes:

  • (12) Pineapple
  • (6) Beaverlodge Plum
  • (5) Chocolate Cherry
  • (6) Green Zebra
  • (6) Brandywine

(5) Mucho Nacho Jalapenos

(5) Early Jalapenos

(15) 8-ball Zucchini

(15) Zucchini

(10)  Watermelon

(100) Honey ‘n’ Pearl Corn

(9) Acorn Squash

(9) Butternut Squash

(20) Small Wonder Spaghetti Squash

(12) Baby Bear Pumpkins


4 thoughts on “Garden Update – June 2017

Add yours

    1. Good question!
      I planted so many for a few reasons – the first is just as a safety net. In the past, we’ve planted in quantities exactly to our needs and desired crop output, only to lose plants, or have underperformers! So I planted extra as a buffer.
      That being said, zucchini is one of our top favorite vegetables, and we eat a LOT of it! If shredded and drained properly, zucchini also freezes well, and we use this for breads, muffins, and some delicious, savory zucchini and carrot cakes/patties.
      If we have a super year and can’t use/freeze all of them ourselves, we will happily share with our family & friends, and perhaps the chickens too! 😉

    1. The chocolate cherry tomatoes are delicious! We have grown them for the last 5 years or so, and they will continue to be a garden regular! They have a really beautiful, dark color, and great, sweet taste. The plants produce amazingly well, and the green tomatoes ripen quickly in a glass on the window sill if needed (we had a problem with birds one year). I also roast them and they are so thick, they’re great to add to sauces for canning.

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