Quinoa Vegetable Egg Rolls


My husband and I are big fans of egg roll and wonton wrappers. Sold in the produce department, these are super easy to use, and so versatile. I love them for quick snacks, lunches, or for when we do our own Asian food nights. 

The trick to these is to remember you can fill an egg roll or wonton wrapper with anything. We’ve done St. Patrick’s day wontons with corned venison, cabbage and carrots shreds and dressing. We’ve done taco-style egg rolls filled with leftover taco ingredients!

Interested in making your own? This recipe for DIY egg rolls is super simple, and really delicious. It only take a few minutes to prepare and roll, and maybe 2-minutes absolute tops to cook them.  But you can add any filling you want to your egg rolls or wontons. My top tips for making your own egg rolls would be:

  1. Keep wrappers on hand — available in your produce department or local Asian market, these are cheap (I usually pay about $2 per pack and they last a LONG time)
  2. Fillings should always be pre-cooked. Do NOT put raw meat inside a wonton or egg roll wrapper. The wrappers fry up so quickly, that you will have to burn the wrapper in order to cook your meats. So make sure you’ve have pre-cooked all meats properly before adding them to your egg rolls or wontons.
  3. Keep a crunchy slaw or shredded veggie ready. We’ve used pre-made broccoli and cabbage slaws, shredded brussel sprouts, or done our own with cabbage and carrots. Keeping some shredded, crunchy vegetables ready will reduce your prep time, making it easier to roll a few for a quick snack. It’s important to use a vegetable that is going to stand up to heat for your crunch – don’t use soft lettuces like iceberg or romaine, that will wilt and leave a mushy, soggy filling.
  4. Get creative! Try out different flavor combinations, fillings, and dipping sauces! Since these wrappers are virtually flavorless, they adapt to whatever you want to fill them with!


Ok, on to the recipe! I whipped a bunch of these quinoa and vegetable egg rolls up for a quick, light meal for my daughter and I. She is almost two years old now, and absolutely loved them! Add in a pair of chopsticks, and she thought this was so much fun to eat. The longest part of this recipe was cooking the quinoa, but it’s still faster than rice. If you have leftover pre-cooked quinoa, go for it!

(6-8) Egg roll wrappers
1/2 cup quinoa
1/4 cup diced bell peppers
1/4 cup diced sweetie peppers
1 cup broccoli-cabbage shreds
1-tbl Golden Mountain sauce
1/2 tbl Soy Sauce
Cooking oil


    1. Cook quinoa according to package directions. Dice up your peppers. eggrollpeppers


    1. Heat about 1-tbl. cooking oil in a pan of high heat. Add peppers and cook until slightly soft (you still want them to have a little crunch when you bite into your egg roll. When just about done, add the broccoli and cabbage shreds, and toss. (Your shreds are the real crunch in your egg roll, so don’t allow these to cook much. If you are using just cabbage, I would skip this part, and just mix the cabbage into the pepper mix in the bowl in step 3. For broccoli or brussel sprouts, some of the shreds can be a bit too firm, so a little heat helps soften them just right.)eggrollsvegmix


    1. Remove from heat, and add vegetable mix to a bowl. Add cooked quinoa, sauces, and mix well.

      Quick Tip: If you are making a bunch of filling in advance, use a reuseable container to mix your filling in, instead of a bowl. This way you can just pop the extra into the fridge until you are ready to make more egg rolls. Use within 2 days to keep filling from getting soggy.


    1. Fill and roll your egg rolls.
    2. Heat pan with enough oil to lightly cover the bottom of the pan on high heat. Allow the pan and oil to be fully heated before you add the egg rolls. Adding them too soon will cause them to start absorbing the oil, and get soggy.


    1. Cook egg rolls 30-40 seconds front and back, and about 10-15 seconds on their thin, side edge. Do not walk away from them when cooking! These fry up so fast, and they will definitely burn if you forget them.


  1. Remove egg rolls from heat, and lay on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. Serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce! Since these quinoa and veggie egg rolls use Asian sauces as their flavoring, they go great with sweet chili sauce or duck sauce.


For young kids, I recommend cutting the egg rolls into sushi-style pieces. This helps the filling to cool faster, and makes for more manageable bites for little mouths. My daughter loved these! eggrollsushi

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