DIY: All Natural Mascara


Mascara is my one, must-have cosmetic. I really don’t use much else, I have a shimmer eye shadow for work and some eyeliner and a light face powder for special occasions, and that is the entirety of my cosmetic collection.

I made the switch to natural and organic cosmetics a few years back, when I started removing chemicals from my home, diet and body products. I make my own lip balms and body creams, as well as my own soap bars. But make my own mascara? Are you insane? How was that even possible? So I shelled out the extra money for a tube of organic mascara, begrudging the cost but not wanting to sacrifice cost for quality. I personally had seen the benefits of switching to an organic, chemical-free mascara, as my teenage and early adult years of eye infections, sties, and pimples on my eyelids (Who knew that could happen?? OW!) vanished and I’ve had zero issues since.

With reducing my waste as my newest goal, I’ve decided to finally make a stab at replacing the expensive store-bought mascara with a DIY. I have to admit I was nervous about this – would it be clumpy? Not noticeable? Would I regret it? But I focused on the goal ahead: a truly 100% all natural, chemical and preservative free mascara, that would be cheaper to make and have zero packaging, no plastic tube and wand to throw out every few weeks.


So I searched and looked at different recipes, and it turns out, making your own mascara is incredibly easy.  I was happy to know that this mascara has only five ingredients! It is vegan, 100% all natural, and by purchasing organic and fair trade materials, you can ensure you have a mascara that makes you feel good in every way!

My only mistake was that the container I thought I was going to use turned out to be ill-suited for the job; I ran around my house looking for a new container, and had one heck of a time attempting to clean out the first container. So make sure you are 100% ready before you embark on this adventure. Also, because of the beeswax and coconut oil, this isn’t the easiest thing to clean off of your mixing tools, so make sure you are not using items you use to prepare food with. You should ensure the bowl and spatula you decide on using are used only for cosmetic/soap making in the future.

This recipe makes a cake-like mascara that is easy to use, clump free, and is easy to remove with soap and water, or your favorite facial scrub. Unlike my bowl and spatula, it washes off easily.mascara2


To make one (1.5) ounce batch of mascara, you will need:

1 tsp. Coconut Oil

1/2 tsp. Beeswax

1 tsp. Vitamin E oil

4 tsp. Aloe Vera

1/4 tsp. Activated Charcoal Powder


1) Add the coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil and aloe vera to a bowl. Heat about 1″ of water in a small pot on medium heat, and allow the bowl to float in the pot. A good tip is to keep a spoon or frying spatula nearby to life the bowl out with. Stir occasionally with a spatula until the wax has completely melted.

2) Remove bowl from heat, and mix thoroughly with your spatula (or a whisk, if you have one you can sacrifice to your cosmetic making tools) until the aloe vera has blended with the oils. Add the charcoal powder and mix well.

3) Pour into container and allow to cool completely before use. (I found that a small amount of aloe vera gel still separated and was at the bottom of the bowl, last to pour into the container. If this happens to you, just leave it out. It made for a wet spot on the top, and the mascara was clumpy with my first use, until I got it out of there.)

I saved the wand from my last mascara container, and cleaned it with hot water and vinegar. When I go to use my mascara, I just gently scrape the top of the mascara with the wand, and apply directly to my eyelashes. I wipe the wand clean each time, to ensure it doesn’t dry and cake up.


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