Wood-burned Spoons: Now Available

Now available in our Etsy shop ! 4-pack of wood-burned spoons for $9.00

Hi all! It’s been a very busy summer here in Woodford. We have jars and jars of jams, pickles and other canned goods up on our shelves (check out our Canning tab for some of our favorite recipes), our chickens are growing rapidly, there has been wood to cut and stack and grass to mow, mow and mow again.

As our summer chores fade and fall tasks begin to take their place, one of the things that always starts to creep into my mind are the holidays. When it comes to gift giving, my husband and I always try to give handmade gifts that have some thought and use to them. I know this isn’t always as easy for others,  whether they just do not have the craft tools or time we have, so I am working on a few projects to offer some beautiful, hand crafted items in our Etsy store for this holiday season.

One new item to our Woodford Knits & More line are these really adorable, wooden spoons.image.jpeg

They are hand wood burned and look absolutely adorable in the kitchen, while still being completely functional. Just $9 for a set of (4) spoons, they’re a great item to tuck into a stocking or a gift basket! I will absolutely burn custom sayings, designs or dates and initials of desired, just contact me through the store!



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