Cucumber-Infused Cocktails

One easy way to use an abundance of cucumbers is by infusing alcohol for cocktails! This takes very little time and makes for truly refreshing drinks.

We infused white rum, as well as tequila. Clear, light-flavored spirits are best when choosing an alcohol to infuse. Spirits that have a strong flavor on their own, like whiskeys, will be difficulty to infuse, especially with the gentle taste of cucumber. Stick with easy to infuse options like vodka, white rum, tequila or even gin.

If you’re making a lot of pickles, relishes, etc., another great option is to save all the cucumber ends, scraps and “ugly” cuts that you don’t want in your canned goods, but hat are still perfectly good bits. It’s just another way to reduce waste and use every part of your harvests.


1. Choose your alcohol

2. Prepare your cucumbers – if using scraps, just add to a jar of your choice. If you have a cucumber just for this purpose, you can cut it into chunks, slices, whatever you want. I recommend having at least a few slices, so you can use them for garnishes. Keep in mind when cutting your cucumber that you want to expose as much of the flesh as possible – more surface area means there is more for the alcohol to come in contact with, and a stronger infusion, faster. This means you’re better off cutting your cucumber into smaller cubes or thinner slices, versus just quartering your cucumber.

3. Add your spirit! Fill the jar with your choice of liquor, put on the lid and ring and store in the fridge. Allow to sit for at least 24 hours before using, but the longer the better.

4. If storing for a long time, strain out the cucumbers after two or three days, and discard. Then store your cucumber infused spirit in the fridge.

I have found that one well-packed pint jar will hold enough liquor for four drinks.

Looking for a way to use your new liquor? Try out our recipe below!



Ginger-Lemonade w/Cucumber Rum


2-oz cucumber-infused spirit

1/2 freshly squeezed lime

4-oz ginger lemonade (if you can’t find one premade, you can infuse lemonade with a few slices of fresh ginger. Ginger is very potent so only allow the ginger to remain in contact for a few hours, tops.)

Grenadine, just a few drops

Cucumber for garnish




1. Add crushed ice to a glass; pour in cucumber liquor, ginger lemonade and fresh lime juice.image

2. Carefully add a few drops of grenadine and allow to  settle, add garnish and enjoy!



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