Blueberry Summer Cocktail

This summer has been the year of the blueberries. All of the local farms are reporting bountiful crops of large, fragrant berries. Some of the blueberries we have picked are larger than the diameter of our thumbs! To date, we have picked around 18-19lbs of blueberries. We have snacked, frozen, made jam, syrups and pancakes, and still have blueberries to use!


Last night my husband whipped us some light cocktails to beat the summer heat and enjoy some more of our blueberry harvests. He used some of the blueberry syrup we made in lieu of a simple syrup, and added frozen blueberries as a garnish. It was absolutely delicious and was yet another way to enjoy these amazing berries!


Ingredients for (2) Blueberry Summer cocktails:

1/2-oz Blueberry syrup

1-oz Fresh lime juice

2-oz Pineapple juice

2-oz Sours mix

4-oz Tequila

1-dozen Frozen blueberries

Add all liquid ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake well. Pour into martini glass, add frozen blueberries and enjoy!

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