Garden Markers!

Hi all!

I don’t usually like to advertise our Etsy items through regular posts, but I am just so excited about our new garden markers that I have to share!


My husband has been hand carving them, and I do all of the wood burning. I ordered up 30-40 of them from him, quickly marking all of our herbs, vegetables and fruit plants! I’m so in love with them, and any time we have company over, we receive so many compliments on them! I figured if they were so well-loved, it was only right to make them available to everyone else, too!

So here they are, available in 9″, 12″ and 18″, and custom made so you won’t end up with markers for plants you don’t have or want!

Creating these garden markers supports our goal for a sustainable lifestyle as well – no trees are cut or removed to create these. All branches are chosen from previously fallen sticks or trees, cut to size, shaved and allowed to dry and season for several weeks before burning. This seasoning time allows for a nice, deep burn of the letters, ensuring the markers last for a long time.



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