The Grass is Greener

Hello all! Today I have some photos to share, an explanation of all the things we have been up to that has kept me from blogging this past month! Not only have we been super busy, but we did also have a pretty bad (but brief, thank goodness) stomach bug go through the house, a month of poison ivy outbreaks that never seemed to end, and I managed to bruise my lungs while we put our fire pit together (yeah, don’t ask). But we’re all back to tip-top shape, and working hard out there.

Mmmm, radishes!

We are full-speed ahead for Spring here in Woodford. With tons of plants and seeds in the ground, plants ready and waiting and multiple projects going on, the past month or so has been an active blur.

Our veggie garden (pre-bunny fencing, of course!)

Our work on the hill behind my garden space is complete, and we were able to spread grass seed a little over a week ago. Following that was a full week of rain, but now with two sunny, warm says behind us, everything is dry and the grass seed is exploding into patches of happy green.


We went to a local nursery as well and picked up some perennials to plant in among the rock formation at the top of the hill, along with some sedum and hostas I had transplanted from other areas of the yard. We plan to add some mulch to finish it off, but it looks so nice already.

Another cute project we accomplished was turning the hollow stump from a tree we cut down near our mailbox into a planter. It’s too cute for words, so here is a picture! Too fun, right? It’s these happy little projects that add the extra smile to your day.

image image

As far as edibles go, there is a TON going on here! For my birthday, my husband bought me an elderberry plant, which I am just over-the-moon thrilled about!

Our blackberry and raspberry plants are doing really well, growing rapidly each day. After a little mix up, the blueberries we had ordered turned out to be unavailable, but a replacement variety is on its way! The oats are growing and to date, we have four rows of corn down. We have been planting one row each week to stagger our harvest.  I’m worried about last week’s planting, since it did nothing but rain immediately after, but hopefully the seeds are OK and not soggy and rotting. Hm. Only time will tell (or, some inpatient digging about??).

One of our raspberry plants, looking good!

All our greens (Russian and black magic kale, collards, bok choy, romaine, spring mix and raddichio) are planted and have germinated. As have the carrots, radishes and beets. Our first row of snap peas has peeked through the surface, and I planted the second today. We have 5 rows of corn in now too, although I planted the fifth to replace row-two, because it did nothing but rain the week after we planted it, and nothing has germinated, while later planted rows are peeking through. I’m guessing the original kernels just rotted in the ground. =(

Our mini cornfield is finally starting to develop. A week of nothing but rain definitely set the corn back.

Herbs are in place, with more en route to us, and oh-my-word, check out this garlic!

Seriously healthy garlic – these stalks are really chunky! Our best year yet, from the looks of it! Only a few weeks left until it’s harvest time.

Mine of the most exciting things is the emergence of our asparagus! I occasionally scraped aside the mulch to look for crowns that might be peeking through the surface, but never found anything. Then I glanced out the window casually the other day to see a 3″ asparagus! Rushing out to the bed revealed multiple crowns had punched through with others just peeking out. I’m really excited about this, we worked on preparing this bed last year, as this is an investment-style crop. It’s worth all the extra attention and time because a good patch can produce for 20 years or more!

My husband picked up some purple asparagus to try, so we planted that today. It is a little late but I think it should be ok, and since it was an extra for us, and cheap too, it won’t be heartbreaking if they don’t make it, as it would have been with our main patch.

Our fire pit! We’ve already christened it with the first bonfire of the year.

The only homestead not doing so well is our Mason bees. We received them last week, and opened them up to find several were awake and ready to go. We put the cocoons out and watched the bees crawl around and explore. Unfortunately, we discovered a day or two later that a bird was knocking the sticks and tubes out from the top of the bee house, and nesting in there. We have since remedied the problem, but our nightly checks reveal only one bee in the tubes. I am deeply hoping and praying that more return, but we can only wait. We have discussed bringing in Leafcutter bees this year as well, instead of waiting for next season.

I started our squashes, gourds, watermelon and pumpkins started. We are so close to Planting Day, I am so excited!!

Our 250-gallon water container is all hooked up as well, and the rain diverter in place. I am excited to see this fill up. If we end up with dry spells between rainfall, it will be great to have this added rainwater storage so help water our gardens.

Our 250-gallon bin for rain water. My husband installed a spout at the bottom so I can easily hook up a hose and get waterin’! We are going to put up another panel of lattice to hide the view from the yard. 



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