Rain Barrels, Mason Bees & More

Hi all! Just a little update from Woodford!

This week we hooked up our first 55-gallon rain barrel! This particular barrel is near my gardens, so it will be used to water all of the delicious veggies I hope to have! My husband made a too-cute wooden box to house the barrel out of pallet wood, and decorated it with miscellaneous items found on the property. He added a beautiful hand pump to the top for me to use, and boy, am I excited! Now I just need the plants to water! We lucked out as far as testing out the new setup went, not only did it rain the next day, but it rained straight through the night too, FILLING the barrel!! I was astounded… Now we just need to get the others hooked up!


After two potential Mason bee sightings, we have put our Mason bee house out. The bees we ordered are shipping at the end of April, as we wanted to be sure there was enough flowering plants for them, but I’m pretty sure I saw at least one already! It’s been so warm, I wouldn’t be surprised if native, dormant bees have started hatching. The daffodils are up and close to blooming, and I see a few irises peeking through the soil too.


All of of our greenhouse plants are doing well! I have (3) varieties of tomatoes, (3) varieties of peppers and (1) variety of eggplant in there now, all growing rapidly. The greenhouse gets so much sun during the day that I only have to use a heat pad on the cold nights to keep them warm. I’ve never had to use the heat lamp, and on most afternoons we have to open the greenhouse up because it will get up to 100 degrees in there quite quickly!


I have some herbs, cucumbers and flowers in the germinator that are slowly but surely taking off. I may have mentioned that I attempted to grow Strawberry spinach again, the one plant that has alluded me for the past few years. Well, it may only be one, but I have one little seed that germinated! I made my husband look at the little plant as proof that it existed, in the instance it heels over and dies soon, just to spite me of course. Everyone swears this plant is weed-like: grows easily and is tough to get rid of, but you could’ve fooled me! Oh well, I’ll just have to see what happens with my one little seedling.

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring, although we have been enjoying Spring temperatures for several weeks now. Ironically enough, there is a potential snow storm in the forecast! The anticipated snow fall and accumulation keeps fluctuating widely in the reports though, so we will have to see if we get anything at all! The threat of snow is a good and much needed reminder, however, of why it isn’t a good idea for me to go crazy and start throwing out the snap pea and salad mix seeds. I’m so eager to get gardening!





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