Photos from the Farm



The sap is flowing! With the temperatures getting back below freezing overnight, our maple trees are producing an amazing quantity of sap – all of our buckets are over 1/4 full already.


Newly transplanted to a wine barrel, we’re excited for this sign of Spring!


Another sign of Spring! Is there anything better than fresh laundry from the line?


Our Mason Bee home! Isn’t this adorable? The house itself is made from scrap wood, and my husband suggested the little bee emblem, which I did with our woodburner. We’re making the tubes from rolled newspaper, brown craft paper and empty bath tissue and paper towel tubes. We plan to add sticks, twigs and even a pine cone or two to fill in empty spots and give the Mason Bees some landmarks for marking their tubes. 

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  1. Have been back-blogged,so to speak, for awhile. Saw your post this morning and am inspired. 😉 Off work today to get some things done. Love the hive! We have tossed the idea of one around for awhile. Is it a lot of work?

    1. Hi Barb!
      This will be our first adventure with Mason Bees, but from my understanding they basically need zero attention once they have hatched, until it is time to harvest the cocoons. The only thing we have to do is make sure there is mud available for them to pack the tubes with (each cocoon gets sealed up individually) and that there are ample tubes for the bees. Making the little house and tubes took an afternoon but was fun.

      Mason Bees don’t produce honey, but they are superior pollinators (1 bee does the job of 60 honeybees!!). I will be posting about them through the year as we receive, release, watch and then harvest! So I’ll keep you, well, posted.. LOL!

      1. Looking forward to your adventures! Still thinking of honey bees here but wondering if the neighbors would be concerned, and how much work and expense they would be. Love the idea, but don’t want to make a decision that wouldn’t work for us in the long run. 😐 Still, I love the little house. What a fabulous project – not only in the creation of it, but following the progress of your bees!

  2. Thanks! We’re very excited.
    One of our close friends, who lives about a mile from us, keeps honey bees, and I’ve been picking his brain to see if it would be feasible for us as well! He says it’s very easy, the bees are docile and that you don’t see them around like you would imagine… I plan to spend some time with him in the next year or two before committing to a hive of our own. Maybe there are local beekeepers near you that you could do the same..?

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