It’s January, and miraculously I am still looking out at golf course-green grass. We have had two dustings of snow (both of which melted away by mid afternoon)  and some ice but still no true winter. Temperatures continue to fluctuate, from the 40s down to single digits, although we are generally somewhere in the low- to mid- 30s lately.

Yesterday was a warmer day, just over 40 , so my husband I bundled ourselves and our daughter and went out to do some wood moving. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable task ; I’m not sure if it’s because it keeps the “cabin fever” at bay, or the endorphins released due to the physical activity, or simply the fact that we truly love our mini homestead and all the all that it entails. We have a large bin in our basement for firewood, as well as two racks in garage. With the bin depleted and the racks quickly following, so we took advantage of the “warmer” day and got to work. Our daughter enjoys being busy and doing chores, so I carried her on my back as we went along. A few wheelbarrow loads and about a half hour later and everything was full again,  but it was a nice chore that rewarded us with fresh air and time together.


Garden plans have been finalized for the beds, and all of the seeds/plants ordered. My planting diagram looks great this year, and I can’t wait to try it out. The first year in a new garden is always the toughest- learning what works where, how the sun falls, if the hose will reach all the way across and what woodland “neighbors” will be helping themselves to your banquet of neatly planted veggies. (Insert angry turkey chasing visions here… I just know they’re going to be trouble!)

Our chicks have been ordered too, 15 in all! I picked 5 different breeds to keep as layers, delighting in the job of choosing beautiful, hardy breeds that will yield a rainbow of egg colors. With our last round of chickens, we hadn’t intended on keeping layers, so egg production had never been a main focus. While we lucked out and had great layers, I’m excited at the prospect of chocolate, cream, speckled and even blue/green eggs!

The other 10 birds will be for meat, and for that end we chose Jersey Giants, a notoriously large bird that we hope will do well.

My goal in the next week is to clean and prepare my terminator and greenhouse for plants, and get a thermometer set in the greenhouse so I can monitor the temperature prior to plants going in. We have a few tricks for upping the temp when needed, but we have such large windows in this house that I don’t know if they will be necessary!


I started this post in the morning, I must confess, and while I normally don’t draw attention to the long time it tends to take me to write a post these days, I am doing so out of excitement as I announce that here in Woodford it is snowing! We finally have a good, strong snow coming down, with decent accumulation. It’s beautiful, sparkling and pure. A perfect end to a very nice day!



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