Projects, projects, projects

I know my posts have been rather sporadic and sparse lately, but I promise it is the result of much activity here, not our inactivity!

With winter fast approaching we are finishing winter preparations (mostly trying to find ways to store as much wood in the garage or basement as possible without making a mess), hunting while temperatures are still bearable, and working on those indoor projects. With the holidays basically upon us (can anyone believe Thanksgiving is NEXT week?!) I have also picked up more orders through my Etsy store, leaving my hands super busy any time my daughter isn’t in them!

I am happy to say our rhubarb wine has begun fermentation, and has been bubbling away quietly for a few days now. After three consecutive days of rain last week, I was very behind on laundry so it took a few days to catch up on that. For two of the days I had to hang laundry on, the weather was so cold that my fingers were frozen by the end of it! Our new laundry area should be done soon, and then we’ll be able to bring in a machine dryer.. Woo! Until then I think back with reverence to those generations of women who didn’t have that option! My goodness.

My husband harvested a deer this week as well, which we finished processing today and put away in the freezer. I am glad we both have had success I’m hunting this year, so we have plenty of meat now and can even make some “extras”, like sausage and jerky. One more deer would be just right, but we will have to see how the weather treats us.

Today we watched a coyote stumble around our woods and yard. She was in and out all day long, and as she looked very healthy, we were confused as to her erratic behavior, and wondered if she was sick, or just drunk as she was eating apples from the pile by the deer feed block, some of which had been fermenting in the storage bin. The most bizarre point was when I looked up to see her amidst a large flock of turkeys. I called out to my husband as I believed we were about to see her catch one for dinner; instead, we watched the turkeys chase her around, and after weaving in circles a few times, she retreated. It was absolutely bizarre!! I have ever seen anything like it.

Our bathroom-facelift project is almost complete. We plan to gut the bathroom and completely renovate it in a few years, but until we have a full vision of what we want and the funds to make it happen, we decided to simply repaint the cabinets and walls to try and freshen it up. Aside from being ugly, nothing in the bathroom went together which just made it all the more confusing to your eye: faux wicker countertop, color-speckled gray wallpaper that was peeling, a globe ceiling light and then a hanging fixture with a faux-stone cherub statue sitting on it, giant bronze flower towel racks and a blue and tan checkered linoleum floor. Yes, it was a disaster. Both of our bathrooms need updating, but this one was screaming for help.

We peeled the wallpaper, compounded and today my husband banged out all the painting on the cabinets, ceiling and countertop, while I cared for our daughter and vaccum-sealed all the venison. He also replaced all of the handles for the cabinet doors, as those were outdated too.

The globe lamp we are keeping, it isn’t that bad for now, but we are absolutely replacing the cherub one. The floor we pondered but decided to keep as I really didn’t want to waste money and time replacing it with something cheap and quick that we would only end up tearing out later. With a good scrubbing, and some new trim, I think it will be just fine.

The great part is that our little project hasn’t cost us a thing yet- we have had leftover paint from other rooms/projects to use for the cabinets and walls, and the hardware for the cabinets were leftovers from a project my in-laws did. We also have just enough pine board left from another project to do the trim, and we are keeping the giant mirror (I just love it!!) so all we will need to purchase is a new lamp for over the sink where that hideous cherub was before.

I looked around the house this afternoon, picking out some items to restage the bathroom with once the paint is dry, so I am excited to decorate it tomorrow. I found a basket or two, some cute jars (some of which we found on our property when clearing out the brush!) and a few other odds and ends that will pull the new colors together. I will post photos of the completed project when it is ready. 😊

We have done some other little projects around the house, I made some mesh snack bags for my daughter to hold for her fruit pieces (we have discovered she loves strawberries, which is amusing since I was obsessed with them during my entire pregnancy!); I made fresh applesauce for her and froze it in an icecube tray for ready-to-go portions, and finally got around to sealing all of the blocks my husband had made and dyed for her. They look really great!

We also made the best of a super warm day and cleared out all the fallen leaves, packed up the last of our outdoor furniture, tiki torches and gardening equipment, and trimmed up some trees and bushes that were hanging into our driveway.

While I know it is only mid-week, I am happy with how productive we have been, and yet we still have had plenty of time to enjoy as a family, relaxing in front of the fire; a great example of how our year has gone. The summer has fled so fast, and yet I feel we have made the best of it, even with the challenges of a new home and baby. We are stocked and ready for winter, which by all accounts will be below-average temperatures and above-average snowfall for New England this year. I think we can confidently say: bring it on! 😃



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