November Update

Hello all!

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my last post! Time sure flies! Everything is winding down here on the Woodford homestead. Our grass seed has taken and is looking beautiful. It is almost shocking to see such bright, vibrant green in contrast to all the changing leaves and empty tree tops.  It’s wild to think Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and that our little girl is already 5 months old.


Our attention has turned mostly to storing wood indoors for easy retrieval during the winter, splitting additional logs, and beginning our indoor projects. My husband started working on our laundry area in the basement, and we hope to get a dryer in the next few weeks. While temperatures are still unseasonably warm for November (mid to high 50s, occasionally even in the 60s!), it is too cold for the laundry to dry in one day. So I hang the laundry out on the line and leave it overnight. I usually take it down late the next afternoon, to account for any morning dew.

We are also giving our full bathroom a quick facelift: I tore down the old, hideous wallpaper, and we plan to just give it a quick coat of paint, and to paint the cabinets. Just to make everything a little prettier and more bearable. We plan to gut the entire bathroom in another year or two, but right now we aren’t even sure what we want in there yet!

I planted Pineberry Fragraria, or White Strawberries, around our chives this week. Fall planting for berries is very beneficial, as it allows the plants time to establish healthy roots which will in turn provide a good spring berry harvest. The warm temperatures have definitely aided in this, and I mulched around them pretty good. Once the leaves die away, I’ll add more to keep the roots safe during the winter. White strawberries are an heirloom variety, and are a first for me. I never had the space for them in my old garden, so I am excited to add them to our menu for next year.

I have slowly been purchasing seeds and ordering ahead on plants for next year as I see good sales. Which is also why I only planted the one variety of strawberries. I do want to have regular strawberries too, but haven’t seen the varieties I want in stock or on sale. I am always way ahead on my planning, most gardening and seed catalogs for Spring haven’t even been sent out yet. But the benefit to planting early is all these end-of-year sales! It also gives me time to tweak my design and move things around as I change my plans or, um, add new plants to the plans that my husband may or may not know about…. “… but I got the seeds for so cheap!”

We are still having issues with the local turkeys, they come through our yard in huge flocks and I feel like a maniac as I chase them off our grass. I am so intent on allowing the grass to get a good root system and to really establish itself before winter — the last thing we need is turkeys scratching it all up! My husband had harvested one of them last month, and I am hoping we can add one or two more to our freezer. Thursday afternoon I spent some time in one of our tree stands and was extremely excited to harvest a decent sized doe, which we processed yesterday evening. When I first went to draw my bow back, about a month postpartum, I had been devastated to discover I had lost the ability to do so! I had to turn the poundage down to about 25-28 pounds and start ALL over, retraining my muscles on what to do. I am grateful for these warmer temperatures so that I have had the chance to hunt at all, as I have trouble withstanding the cold.

Our last homestead project in the works is some rhubarb wine!  My husband received about 10-lbs of rhubarb from his mother and cousin, so we are giving it a go. This will be our first year making it, but I am super excited about it! Our Cabernet Sauvignon wine from 2014 is maturing and mellowing out. My husband added some toasted oak chips to it this past week, and we are hoping it will be ready for bottling in another few weeks.

What is everyone else up to? What projects are you wrapping up or getting started  on?


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