Garlic Planting

Monday was Columbus Day, although in our house, it is far better known as Garlic Planting Day. We have been planting our own garlic every fall for the past 3-4 years now. I am very excited and hopeful for this year’s crop, as the bulbs we received are really large in size. We have been planting the Music variety, and while we have tried others, this variety seems to produce the best for us and with almost zero clove loss.

We have 48 cloves in the garden this year, and based on their size I am looking forward to large bulbs! Music garlic has a really great, full flavor, smells so intoxicating, and stores very well.


The great yard project finally wrapped up this week! Monday we did more clearing – picking up the last of the sticks and rocks, pulling up the roots that were poking out and raking everything smooth again. I am so glad that our four month old daughter already seems to be as much of an outdoorsman as her parents; I just slip her into a sling or carrier and get to work. She loves being on the move, we get to work on out projects, and it certainly makes for an amazing workout!

My husband had two guys come over to help cut the ground, spread seed and lay the mulched hay on top. My daughter and I drove the tractor around with all the hay piled up in the trailer as the guys walked along and threw it out. It worked really great and we had the entire 1/4 acre finished up in no time.

I have one last garden bed to clear out for the Spring, and some plants to “put to bed” once it gets a little colder, but the outdoor work is surely coming to an end! We still have some plants producing in the gardens – an heirloom tomato and fall plantings of snap peas and green beans.
We have been getting some projects done indoors as well, organizing, decorating and just settling into our new home even more. I like to do a nice deep-cleaning every Fall, similar to a standard Spring cleaning, just to get everything ready before the Winter hibernation begins. With us moving this year, there isn’t much to de-clutter at least, but I have selected some old clothes and books to donate, and we do have some boxes still unpacked in our basement.

Hunting season began for CT back on September 15th. So far we have enjoyed some fresh turkey, harvested from our own property, and a nice rabbit from a local hunting spot. I had never had rabbit before, but must say my first encounter was a delicious one! I cooked it up in a Lapin au Vin style dish that was really hearty and warming. Perfect for these cooler days!

There are plenty of projects for the winter ahead, but it is nice to have some major work completed. Now we can take a moment to relax and enjoy the view as New England’s foliage changes.


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