September Update

Posts have slowed on our homestead progress the last few weeks due to conflicting work schedules, our now 4-month old daughter, and life in general. Fall is settling in slowly but surely here, the leaves are dropping rapidly and the mornings and evenings are chilly. 

Monday my husband and I were both off from our “real” jobs, and we really made some amazing progress in our home. We had been slowly trying to paint the spare bedroom that we plan to use as an office space for now, but since we had been working opposite each other it was getting done in little bits during our daughter’s naps. My mother in law helped this weekend to get the room painted, and today we finished up: a final cleaning, finally unpacking the boxes of items for the closet, hanging my husbands dress uniform and our “fancy event” clothes, moving the furniture in, etc.

Moving the office furniture frees up space in our basement (and my craft  room, too!) as well as allowed us to bring in the furniture for our daughter’s room. Her crib has been in pieces in the garage since just after she was born. It is now set up, and since it had some drawers and shelves, I was able to clear up the closet a little as well. I just have to make her curtains, and then her room will be finished too! 

The third major project we accomplished Monday was installing the liner for our wood stove. My husband and his cousin did all the work for this, climbing up and down from the roof multiple times. Originally they were just going to move the large slab covering the chimney, and my husband planned to do the insert on another day, but they banged the whole project out — we can officially have fires in our wood stove now! I can’t wait, and with the cool evenings we have had lately, I know we will be burning soon. 

There were a few misellaneous projects that were finished too – we put a new rug down in the living room, cleaned up the house in general, my husband picked up (more!) wood this morning, and I got some cleaning and reorganizing done in my craft room. 
Our fall plantings are doing well- a few weeks ago I put out some seeds for salad greens, green beans and snap peas. 

All are doing really well, and I can’t wait to be enjoying more garden fresh produce! I ordered our garlic too, so I’ll be sure to post on that when the bulbs get in the ground! 

What tasks and projects is everyone else up to this month?


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