Pizza on the Grill

This recipe is simple, delicious and can be customized however you want. Cooking pizza on the grill is easy, and a great way to keep the budget down, and the house cool.

My husband and I cheat, and buy the premade dough at the store. It is important to allow it time to proof, so make sure you take your dough out of the fridge a few hours before you plan to use it. This way, it will rise and be fluffy and easy to spread.

Then heat your grill, and make sure you spray the rack with vegetable oil before you put down the dough; it’ll help it keep from sticking. We aren’t professional pizza tossers, so bear with us and our misshapen pies. In the end, they’re all delicious, right?


Cook the dough for about 5 minutes on one side, or until it is bubbles on top, and browning on the bottom. Then flip. This gives you a nice flat top to apply your toppings to, but also ensures your dough cooks through.

Toppings, toppings, toppings! So many combinations and options! Flexibility is one of the things I love about pizza – you can put anything on it. For ours, we went with “white” pies (no sauce), and used fresh handmade mozzarella. We split our dough into two pies, and made one with roasted red peppers, grilled red onion, marinated artichoke hearts and garlic, and the second with plum tomatoes, garlic, bacon, and hot cherry peppers.

Apply your toppings, and cook for 3-5 minutes, or until your crust is browned on the bottom again.

Then it’s time to eat and enjoy! Super easy, right?



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