Land Clearing Update

Hi all! Just a quick update on how our homestead project is coming along! We’ve been busy tearing up weeds, cutting down trees, removing boulders and moving soil. There is still a lot of work to be done. My work on the garden beds has slowed over the past few weeks as I care for my 2 month old daughter, but I have made progress here and there.

Today’s photos are to update you on the amazing progress my husband has been making in our yard. He’s cleared so much property, reclaiming it from the woods around us.


This view is directly outside our sunroom windows.  It was completely overgrown with pachysandra, had a black birch that looked terrible and was unhealthy (that’s the stump in the middle) and there were some massive rocks that had to be dug out too. Our goal for this side of the yard is to get it leveled out, and then design a fire pit with some of the large rocks.


This is from the top of the hill behind our house, you can see the clearing from the first photo down behind the shed. It’s an enormous space, but I feel like it always looks smaller in photographs! 



Behind and to the right of the shed is the second clearing. My husband has been doing a ton of working cleaning this space up. I’ll be glad when we build a new shed and get the blue one taken down (it’s rotted out at the bottom anyway) as the shed blocks the view of the land from the house. I know once that shed has been removed, the view is going to be great, and we will be able to see how truly massive and open it all is now! 


This is the top of the hill, and and against the stonewall in the distance is where we want to put a swing set in the next year or two, when our daughter will be old enough to enjoy it. 

Well, just a quick update this time! My husband is finishing up the major tree work in the front of the house today, I’ll post an update when I get a chance to go snap some photos!


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