Creating Our Homestead


With the purchase of our dream home this year, my husband and I have many new goals and projects in mind as we turn our property into our ideal mini-homestead. We are located at the end of a quiet, one-lane road, nestled among almost 70 acres of woods. Our property itself is 1.23 acres, a lot of which is overgrown and needs to be reclaimed from the encroaching woods. While a good amount of work has already taken place with clearing the bushes and weeds out, the birth of our first child (a girl!) at the end of May put a hold on things. Now that things have settled out and our life is developing a new routine with our daughter, we are able to get back outside.

I plan to document our projects, successes and struggles, as we go along creating the homestead we have always had in mind. If you’ve been checking in over the past two months, you have seen the new chicken coop, and some of the other small projects we have been up to. I hope to present a realistic view of what it means to work the land, to be close to nature, using what you have and taking no more than  you need. So I hope you will join us as we follow our dreams of sustainability, one shovelful of dirt at a time!

Till next time,



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