Settling in on the new Little Farm



My husband and I have now been in our new home for about two weeks. In that time frame, I would like to think we have accomplished a lot! Our house is generally completely unpacked, and we painted our bedroom as well as had the floors refinished, so we finally “moved in” to the bedroom this past Tuesday. I made some double-sided curtains for our room that came out pretty amazing, if I say so myself! The first one took much longer than they other three panels did, as I had to stop at each step and think about the result and how it would look — I didn’t want ugly seams or hem lines on either side, since they are reversible!

My craft room is about 80% unpacked. I still have to get some extra hangers to arrange my fabric, and my sewing machine is temporarily upstairs, but I can get to most of what I need, and was able to create the above-mentioned curtains.

Another large project that was completed yesterday was our beautiful new chicken coop! I will post the progress photos in just a bit. I am in awe with how beautiful it came out, better than I had imagined! We seem to have the calmest chickens around, because moving them has been a breeze. They didn’t fight me when I put them in the pet carrier for the car ride, didn’t cry or scream during the ride, but settled down together quietly; and once in the new coop, they acted like they had always been there! It’s nice to finally have them home, and this time — they are far, far from my bedroom window! No more 5am wake-up calls!

So, about our new “Little Farm”. We settled across town on 1.25 acres of wooded property, surrounded by a preserve and acres of protected land. We’re the last house on a dead end road, so it is beyond quiet and peaceful there, although we have quickly renamed our part of town “Woodford”. No one seems to believe are still in town when they visit us, because we are set so far back and surrounded by woods.

We have enjoyed watching dozens of different song birds come in to our yard and bird feeders; there is a resident lone-Turkey hen that we have affectionately nicknamed Henrietta who strolls through our property daily. Boy was she confused when she found chickens in the coop today! Our first deer neighbors arrived Thursday night as well . .. encouraged, naturally, by the deer feed blocks that my husband set at the edge of the woods. Most people try to keep deer away from their garden and property… nope, we’re like “Come in, have some snacks! Eat all my plants, it’s fine …” haha. I hoping that where I am planning to put the vegetable garden next year is in a safe enough spot.

With our little addition due any day (I’m 38 weeks but having plenty of contractions and cramps, so I’ve been instructed to stop working a week early now!), I will only be doing a few vegetable plants in planters, and am letting what is already in place stay for the year. Sadly, there isn’t much that is useable — lots of flowers and ground cover, but nothing with a medicinal or edible purpose, so I have a lot of work in store for 2016!

A good portion of our property is overgrown by prickers, weeds, etc., so we do have a lot of work to do in reclaiming useable space from the encroaching woods, but we are the perfect people for the task! Both my husband and I love yard work, gardening, and all that comes with it, so I am delighted to have new projects to plan.

As far as the interior goes, we do need to get a wood stove before the fall/winter — we have had some very cool nights lately and the fireplace just does not cut it when it comes to warming the house. This we knew when we purchased the house, but since we do have so many trees around, our house stays very cool and I can imagine it will be tough to warm in the winter!  We will be painting our sun room this week and installing a new ceiling fan and ceiling (there is particle board there now… so strange?!) , and as this is our favorite room with large windows looking out over the woods, I can’t wait to see it all finished!

There are lots of little ideas and giant plans in the works as we settle more into our new home every day. Naturally, much of it must wait until after the baby has come, or until we have been here long enough to make such permanent decisions. We don’t want to rush into changing anything major until we have lived there for awhile and know for certain that we won’t regret a change.

I will try to keep you updated on our woodland visitors, Little Farm plans and projects and our own Little One this summer as things progress, but do be forgiving if my posts are far between!

From our Little Farm to yours! ❤


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