Little Farm Living Update

Hello all,

Just a quick update to let you know how we are progressing over here! Things have been extremely, non-stop busy as we finally closed on the sale of our home and moved out over the past weekend. It was bittersweet to leave our house, as we had done so much work to it and had so many great memories, but with the excitement of our new property ahead, it wasn’t as sad as I had expected!

I’m just entering month nine of my pregnancy, so that has complicated the move a little bit by limiting how much I can help out with. While I have remained very active the entire time, I can’t say that all the packing, moving and cleaning hasn’t started to wear me out! We are lucky to have the week to relax at my in-laws before we move into our new home on Friday. I am so excited to get in and set up, as well as to be able to walk our 1.25 acres as the property was completely covered in snow when I last saw it in March! I am more than ready to start imagining and plotting out my gardens for next year, and to find a home for our hens.

The hens made the transition to my in-laws house surprisingly well. They definitely did not like being put in the pet carrier, but once in, they all settled down and relaxed. They have been enjoying the grass, leaves and other growth that there is to eat at their temporary home as well, since they quickly demolished anything green that poked up at our last house. My husband has been working on transforming a dog house into a new coop for them. Our current coop is actually a rabbit hutch, which has served us well for the past two years, but is in need of replacement and won’t suit our new property very well. The new coop is looking good, I can’t wait to share the photos he has taken of the progress!

For anyone visiting, my Etsy store is temporarily closed while we are moving, and then for my maternity leave, since I am due in just about 4 weeks! I am hoping to get the store reopened and taking orders before the end of summer, but we will have to see how things play out. Until then, I want to thank all of my regular shoppers for their continued support- it means so much!! =)


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