DIY: Oven Mitt Set

This is a quick and easy project that is great for beginners, or when you’re looking for a little 1-hour project to satisfy those crafting cravings!  This makes two oven mitts, and two pot holders. These would be great for your own home, or you can make a cute, custom gift for someone.



1/4 yard fabric

Heat-proof batting

Matching thread

Tutorial / Pattern:

For my mitts, I traced my old, beat up oven mitt on the wrong side of my fabric, and cut out (4) pieces. Then I cut (4) rectangles, about 4.5″ X 8″ for the pot holders. Do the same for your batting, however cut the batting 1/2′ shorter than the fabric pieces at the end of the mitt (where your hand goes in) and one of the 4.5″ sides of the pot holders. This will give you enough to tuck your ends in and sew them up neatly.

image     image

Line up your first pot holder like so: batting, both fabric pieces with the right sides together, and the second piece of batting.


Sew along three of the sides, leaving the short-batting side open. Fold the pot holder inside out, and hem up. Now we want to add the adorable and functional quilted effect to our pot holders. Start sewing straight lines, evenly spaced, across the pot holder at an angle.


Then do the same, in the opposite direction, crossing your original rows. You can mark these out with a fabric pencil, or just eyeball them like I did. 😉


Repeat steps for your second pot holder. So cute!


Repeat these steps with your oven mitts. Line up the batting, fabric with right sides together, and the last piece of batting. Hem up the sides, thumb and finger portions, leaving the bottom open.


Turn inside out, fold in the overlap of fabric, and stitch down. Done! Easy-peasy.


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