Little Farm Update

I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I promise it isn’t for a lack of action! Things have been super busy here on our little farm.

We recently listed an accepted an offer on our house (all in a whopping 4 days! I still can’t believe it) as well as had our offer accepted on our new home. As long as everything goes smoothly, we will be happily moving into our new home after May 8th. The kicker is that we are moving just across town, but found a home that has the privacy, land and woods that we have been craving! I’m also glad we will be moving in a whole month before our baby is due, so we will have plenty of time to settle in.

Spring is definitely taking hold here in New England! Our temperatures have consistently been above freezing, with highs in the upper 50s and sometimes low 60s! It’s been absolutely beautiful and the snow has been melting rapidly. The tree branches are covered in buds and when I was dumping some melted snow from various pots, I noticed little green sprouts popping up in my herb garden!

Our hens have resumed laying on a consistent basis (this winter affected them greatly, whereas last year they hardly skipped a beat!) and the eggs have had less abnormalities to them. Of course, with the warmer temps and an earlier sunrise, this also means they are up and announcing the day earlier and earlier every morning! I am glad that when we move, they will no longer be right outside my bedroom window.

With all the cleaning, packing and staging that has been going on, I admit my crafting and DIY tutorials have been pushed to the side! I did make a small, cable knit baby blanket just to have something to do at night, which came out beautifully. Today I had the time to make a bag for my yoga mat and supplies, the tutorial for which I will be posting next!

As Spring continues to move in, and we move and settle in to our new home, I am sure I will have loads more tips, tricks and DIYs for you, so stick around! 😉


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