$6.00 Rocking Chair Cushions & Matching Moses Basket Liner

This past weekend has been a snowy one for New England. I ended up staying home from work Saturday after a snow storm dropped 6″ overnight and my morning class was cancelled. This gave me ample time to finish the sewing project I had been mentally obsessing over all week.


image image

Yep! I finally made the liner for the Moses basket, and matching cushions for the rocking chair my husband surprised me with! Since I had no idea what I was doing, and ended up working on these projects pretty late, I didn’t do very well on taking step-by-step photos, so I can’t post tutorial. But they were so adorable I had to share. I just hate that no matter how I took the photo, you couldn’t see how cute the flannel pattern really is — it either looks all green or all white. Oh well, you’ll just have to take my word for it!

In my previous posts I mentioned how much I saved by buying the Moses basket without any bedding. I got mine for just $19, when baskets with bedding sets are going for $60 – $100! That’s just insane!

I had this adorable green and white striped flannel fabric that I had picked up on clearance for $4 – a STEAL if you ask me! The ribbon that I used for the ties is a wonderful green cloth ribbon that I purchased in 2013 because it was on clearance for $2 (for the WHOLE spool) and was adorable. At that time I was buying green and orange ribbons galore for my wedding projects, and while this one didn’t make the wedding cut, it ties in (no pun intended!) with the flannel to make an adorable set. I used the same ribbon for the ties on the back of the seat cushion, too.


I decided to use grommets on the basket, which were no additional cost since I’ve had them hanging around from *some* project from years and years ago that I can’t even remember anymore. Anyway, I thought they looked cute and it allowed me to slip the ribbons through the basket and flannel, and keep the bows on the outside — which looks cute and will keep little baby hands from grabbing them!

The white buttons I used for the cushions were also leftovers from another project, and it worked out perfectly that I had (6) — four for the gussets on the seat cushion, and then two for straps on the back cushion. While the strap-buttons aren’t functional, I thought it brought the set together.  The straps actually use velcro that I had originally purchased to use on my diaper covers, but then didn’t use because I like the snaps so much better. I put one square of velcro on the back side of the straps and cushion, so they’re out of sight but they work great.


The rocking chair my husband picked up for me second-hand, and I love it. It needed a little tightening up, which he was able to do quickly one evening, and then it was ready to go! It’s in really great condition so it didn’t need any sanding nor a new coat of polyurethane, which was great. We all know how much I love old, well-crafted things, so I was over the moon when he surprised me with this last week!

Here is the basket with the mattress pad I made. I used the last of the brown PUL I had purchased for my diaper bag, so this will be easy to clean and the dark color won’t show stains. For the padding for the mattress pad and seat cushion, I used stuffing from an old pillow. For the back cushion I took it a step further and made a pillow from batting, then stuffed that with old pillow fluff, and stitched it up. I wanted to make sure the stuffing wouldn’t settle at the bottom of the cushion over time, and it’s nice and firm so I think my trick worked 😉



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