DIY Cloth Diaper Wetbag

Wetbags are another thing that you can make instead of paying crazy prices. This is probably one of the easiest projects you can do.

I had plenty of PUL leftover from my first go around with the snap-free diaper covers (Ok ok, I just went crazy and bought too much!) so I decided to make these cute wetbags. Even if you are using disposable diapers, these bags would be great to have on hand in the instance you need to change Baby out of dirty/wet clothes and you won’t be home for awhile.


First, cut your fabric. I bought 9″ zippers, so I cut my fabric into 18.5″w by 12.5″h, giving myself a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Fold the PUL over, right sides facing each other, and sew the edges together. You should have a long tube now.


Don’t sew the bottom of the bag together just yet. I did this on the first one, and had to get creative while sewing on the zipper. Leaving the bottom open allows you to be able to turn the fabric inside out and back again however you need to in order to adhere the zipper.

Line your zipper up at the top, and sew on.


Once done, turn the bag inside out, hem the bottom, and turn right side out. You’re done! Couldn’t be easier, right? I was even able to do this without having to put the zipper foot on!

Don’t have the time, supplies or interest in making them yourself? Want me to make them for you? Wet bags are available for sale in my Etsy shop, currently available in Owls, Woodland Animals, or Brown!


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