DIY Cloth Diaper Cover/Yoke

With Baby on the way, I’ve been in a frenzy of sewing and crafting baby items. Diaper covers are an easy project and with so many different fabrics available nowadays, it’s fun to pick cute patterns and matching elastic that makes professional looking diaper covers a breeze!


I made several covers that are just that – covers only. You could use them to cover cloth or disposables, either way they are just adorable. For the covers in this post, I made “yoke” diapers. These have cloth pockets that you can slip the cloth diapers into so that they stay put without safety pins. I used the Babyville Boutique pattern, although I made a few changes. I did find some of their instructions a little confusing the first time, so I figured I couldn’t be the only one and thought I would post my modifications and tips! =)

I will apologize as some of the photos are a little dark, it was a cloudy day outside and I forgot to turn off the sewing machine light for some of them which didn’t help. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I can whip these up in under 1/2 hour now, so I can quickly do one to take more pictures for you.

First, cut out your fabric pieces. For this pattern, you need your PUL fabric cut into one main piece, one rear yoke and two front yokes; with matching snaps and fold over elastic (FOE). As you can see from this photo, one of the front yokes can be any color as you won’t see it when the cover is complete. I had a bunch of brown PUL leftover from the diaper bag that I made see post here) so I used that.


First, line up the front yoke piece that you won’t be seeing (I’ll be referring to it here as the “brown yoke” going forward) with the right side down on the wrong side (shiny, pattern-free side) of the main diaper piece. In the BB book, they have you use a glue stick to secure the pieces. I don’t trust glue and it seemed like it would make inserting the snaps tougher, so I ran the two under my sewing machine for a quick hem. Then inserted the snaps.

The snaps were confusing to me the first time I made a diaper cover. Take the time to line up the snaps and think about the way they are going to work. For the front piece, you want the flat, back side of the snap to be on the brown yoke, with the actual snap piece on the outside (right side of your diaper piece). I know, it’s confusing. I hope this picture helps:


Now you can lay the matching yoke piece on top, with the right side facing you, and hem along the top. It seems like extra work, and you might be thinking, why are we bothering with all this!? You want the snaps to go through two pieces of PUL to reinforce the snap and keep you from tearing them out when you are opening the cover. The front has an extra yoke because the flat sides of the snaps will be inside the diaper, and if we don’t hide them inside another layer, they will be rubbing right on Baby’s tummy! We don’t want Baby to be uncomfortable, right?

Alright, back to the pattern… Since the BB pattern has you glue the brown yoke down, you’ll see you now have two pockets. We don’t want that extra pocket which will just be a cleaning nightmare waiting to happen. Turn your fabric so that the main diaper piece is out of the way, and hem the two yokes pieces together. Don’t sew through all three pieces! You should have one pocket now:


Now you can do the back side. Since these snaps will be coming on the wings, and they will fold over the front of the diaper, we don’t need to worry using an extra layer of PUL like we did the front. THIS time, you want the flat backside of the snap to be on the OUTSIDE of the diaper, and the snap side to be on the INSIDE.


OK, let’s check where we are! Your diaper should look like this now:


Honestly, that was the hard part! Now it’s time to sew on the FOE. To be honest, FOE has become my new best friend! I love it. It is really easy to use and makes things look a little bit more refined. It’s also much less work than sewing pockets and running regular elastic through, etc. I’m all for shortcuts (as long as it has the same or better results!) so why not! And Babyville makes all their PUL, FOE and snaps in matching colors so no matter what fabric you pick, there is FOE and snaps to match! It can’t get much easier than that!

I like to start the FOE at the bottom of the leg hole, so the seam won’t be in a visible area.


If you haven’t used FOE before, my best advice is to take your time. The first time I used it, I made a lot of cuts and didn’t just round the corners with it, because I thought it would bunch up. It ended up looking worse, and I discovered later that rounding the wings with the FOE is actually really easy, just take your time.

So, for those first timers, fold the elastic over on the prefold seam and tuck the diaper inbetween. Sew down a 1cm or so section. I always go in reverse over it to double up. Then stretch the elastic out, lining the diaper up inside, and hem down. Stretch the elastic while sewing the leg holes, the top of the front yoke and top of the back yoke. DO NOT stretch the FOE while going around the wings, and remember to take your time. I promise it won’t bunch up.

When you get to the end, overlap the two hems and sew together, both vertically and horizontally to secure.


And then….. You’re done! Great job!! Now you’re ready to start whipping out your own line of adorable yoke covers!


Don’t have the time, materials or interest in making these adorable covers yourself? Let me do the work for you! Diaper covers are now available in my Etsy shop, check them out HERE!


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