Gimlet Mocktail

gimlet2One of my favorite cocktails of all time is the gin gimlet. It’s a simple and classic cocktail that is refreshing and definitely for my fellow citrus-lovers out there. If you don’t like lime, you won’t like this! It’s bold, tart and just wonderful.

Being almost 5 months pregnant, an actual gimlet is out of the question. After making different mocktails only to crave a gimlet, I said there must be a way to make one! So while I was busy making my Lettuce Wrap Tacos (see post here:  the other night, I knew my dinner fiesta could only be completed with gimlet mocktail!

I whipped this up with just a few ingredients, and it has easily been my favorite mocktail since! While I love lime so I can drink this any time, I can see it as a refreshing summer alternative to the real deal.


Fresh squeezed lime juice (I usually use two limes)

Rose’s sweetened lime juice

N/A Whiskey Sour mix



1. Squeeze those fresh limes! Always remember to cut yourself a nice slice or wedge for a garnish — what mocktail doesn’t have a garnish!?

2. In a shaker, add 2-3 ice cubes, your fresh lime juice and add an equal part of sweetened lime juice. Then add an amount of whiskey sour mix equal to the total ounces of lime & sweetened lime juice. Yeah I know, I’m a very specific bartender… 😉

3. Mix well until super cold, and serve in your favorite glass with your lime slice. Enjoy! =)


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