A twist on the old classic: BLT

bltThis is one of those recipes that happens when you’re craving one thing, but look into the fridge to find only some of the necessary ingredients.

This morning, I found myself craving a BLT. Which would make you laugh if you knew that I had my first EVER BLT last year, and my husband probably spent the next few weeks regretting ever introducing me to one because I proceeded to binge on BLTs every chance I could. How could I survive so long without ever eating a BLT? Simple – I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes, excepting of course only homegrown tomatoes which have superior flavor to commercials ones.

Well I knew this morning that I didn’t have tomatoes on hand, so I hesitantly suggested roasted red peppers instead, and when my husband didn’t say “ugh! what are you thinking?!” I headed off to the kitchen to give it a whirl.

What resulted from my experiment was what I can best describe as margarita pizza meeting a BLT. Minus all the tomato involved, of course. And man… was it delicious!


Sourdough sandwich bread

Mozzarella Cheese

Romaine Lettuce


Roasted Red Peppers

Dijon-Herb Remoulade


Just like the classic, this is very easy to make. First, I baked the bacon on a tray until it was super crispy the way I like it. While the bacon was in the oven, I made the remoulade (aka, fancy mayo LOL). I don’t measure anything unless I’m baking (which almost never happens), so you’ll have to figure out the proportions based on your own tastes. When I make a “real” BLT, I add more dijon, but since I was using mozz and red peppers, I decided to go a little easier. I mix a large, regular kitchen spoonful of mayonnaise, dijon mustard (I would guess a tablespoon worth, maybe less), salt, pepper, garlic powder, thyme and basil in a bowl, tasting here and there until it had the flavor I wanted.

Then I cut the romaine into large strips for the sandwich; cut the roasted red pepper into thin strips and cut the mozzarella as thin as I could. I also used a paper towel to pat the roasted red pepper strips dry as I didn’t want all the oil to make the bread soggy. I then arranged the roasted red peppers on one slice of bread, and laid the mozzarella on top.

When the bacon was done, I set it aside to cool and drain, and put all the bread slices in the oven to toast. You could use your toaster oven of course, but I couldn’t fit four slices of bread in mine, so I just used the oven. I toasted the bread until it was as done as I liked, and the mozzarella was gently melted on the other slices.

I spread the remoulade on the plain toast, then layered on the romaine and bacon, and pressed the two sandwich halves together… viola!

SO simple and SOOO delicious. I was worried it might be “too” out there for a simple classic, but as we gobbled them down my husband said “forget regular BLTs!”. I have to agree, and I’m just glad I snapped the above photo quickly before they were gone!


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