Diaper Bag DIY

So I may or may not have mentioned yet that my husband and I are expecting our first child in June 2015! =)

With Baby on the way, a flurry of projects have been coming off my sewing machine and knitting needles since those little lines first appeared. One of the things that I started looking for was a “cool” diaper bag. I didn’t want something that was ugly or bland, but it couldn’t look like a woman’s purse either — that would just be cruel to do to my husband!

Being hunters, I naturally thought of realtree camo. Not only would it be dad-approved, but the dark colors would help disguise and dirt or stains that will inevitably come around. I also knew that I wanted fabrics that were at the very least, water resistant, if not something water proof so that we could easily clean it. In look online, all the bags I found we liked were easily $60 if not $100 or more! The only bag that we found under that range was $40 and it was just a tote bag, no pockets or anything fancy-enough for mom’s taste! So I did what any pregnant crafting-maniac would do: I made my own!



I looked at a lot of different patterns and bags before choosing this one http://warehousefabricsinc.com/blog/diaper-bag-with-a-divider. I liked the fact that she included TONS of photos, and since she used multiple fabrics, it was a little easier to see exactly what she was talking about.

However I wanted to keep mine a little simpler, so I decided to go with just two fabrics. I found a waterproof camo fabric online, and ordered some chocolate colored PUL for the interior. I then decided I would figure the rest out as I went. I did make some modifications to the pattern as I went along as well. I skipped the third straight pocket inside, I also cheated and used fold over elastic (FOE) for the back pocket instead of sewing in elastic like she used in the pattern.

Since the camo is a very sturdy, almost plastic-like fabric, I skipped the interfacing and the fleece.

I also skipped all the piping. Part of this was out of laziness, and part of it because that’s just a little beyond my skill comfort-zone at this point, but hey, I’m getting there! I also skipped the last steps of sewing the bags together inside out and turning around. Instead I used bias tape. Again, partly because I was lazy, but also because I had just enough for the divider and outside pocket left over from another project, and doing the top seam of the bag just made it match.

So if you are interested in using the bias tape too, here is the crazy-simple way that I did it.

diaperbag14 diaperbag13

I lined the interior bag up inside the exterior of the bag, making sure that I had the interior pocket on the correct side of the bag (I put it on the back wall of the bag, so that way both my pockets weren’t on the front wall, which could later cause it to topple over.) I pinned the liner to the exterior all the way around, being sure to line up the side seams correctly. I then did a quick stitch all the way around the bag.

Then I went back around with the bias tape, this time with a fine stitch, to secure the bias tape and place. See, SO easy!

Throughout all the sewing, I had one looming issue – the straps. I didn’t know what I was going to do, and as we got closer to finishing, I knew I had to figure it out. Especially since I had decided to use the bias tape for the edging, it would be a major pain to cut and hem a hole for the straps to go through the bias tape! I thought about doing rings and grommets, but since I had a great 50% off coupon for the craft store, I headed down to peruse their offerings first. 😉 I found some adorable rings on cute brown fabric with little silver snaps which were perfect, all I had to do was make the holes in the bag for the snaps, and that was that! I picked up some hooks (they were marked as “dog leash” hooks but who cares!) so this way we could easily remove the straps for washing. Easy-peasy.

I made my own straps from the camo fabric, since it’s much more durable and would hold up better than the PUL. To figure out how long I wanted them to be, I used my measuring tape and some binder clips. I ran the measuring tape through the rings the way the actual straps would be, and the binder clips to hold it in place so my husband and I could “try it out”. Pretty clever, huh? Yeah, yeah, I know. I then measured the width of the dog-leash hooks so I knew how wide to make the strips.


Since the camo fabric doesn’t fray, I just folded it in half and did a fine stitch down the entire length of it. Obviously if you have a fabric with a raw edge, you’ll want to properly hem for this part.


I then folded them through the hooks and did a quick stitch right across to hold them in place. DONE!


I’m still really happy with how the bag turned out, considering it was pretty elaborate. At least for me anyway — I’m used to aprons and diaper covers!

The bag is pretty big too, which is great. Since we have a few months till Baby is here, I tucked all the other things I have saved into it. Look how much this fit!


Of course, now that the bag is done, there is no time for resting! On to the next project!!


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    1. Thanks!! =)
      It’s been a lot of trial and error to get to where I am, I assure you… and of course there is always more to learn! 😉

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