Fall Advances

Hi all –  I know I was getting into a good swing before with posting recipes and gardening happenings. It’s definitely been a while, but you know how crazy life can get! So here is just a quick post to update on the Little Farm and what we’ve been doing.

Fall is starting to settle in up here in New England! The leaves are starting to change, the air has that fresh, clean smell and the temperatures have cooled to make jeans and sweaters a must-have. I spent today cleaning out the closets – packing up the shorts, summer skirts and beach dresses; unpacking the long sleeve shirts and knit sweaters. I love fall, so I am definitely thrilled at the cooler temps, although it has been a very mild summer for us.

I also have been busy cleaning up the garden for the year. At this point, I have some tomato plants and pepper plants (jalapeno and bell) left, as well as some herbs, but pretty much everything else is gone. I *should*, of course, still have my zucchini and butternut squash plants, but in some over enthusiastic removal of dying corn stalks, I destroyed the roots and they are gone too…. although I have more butternuts in my cellar than I know what to do with! (How many quarts of butternut soup can you make and freeze before you say – we’ll just never eat all of it! Any good butternut recipes you want to share??)

Our chickens have been gifted with free roam of the garden once again. While they dig for bugs and eat all the weeds, I see the excellent tilling they are doing, as well as all the manure they leave behind! While they may drive me crazy with their crying some mornings (they quite literally cry right outside my window come sunrise, sometimes for a reason, sometimes not), they certainly are worth it with all they give back, nevermind the entertainment they provide!

We also bottled all of our 2013 wine! It’s time to make more, can you believe it! The year goes so fast. We made a Cabernet Sauvignon, and while it could have a little bit stronger tannins (albeit, I love tannic wines!), I think it came out really good. It was our first year doing everything “right”. We’ve always done it the way my husband’s grandfather has done it — crush all the grapes, stems and leaves together, don’t take out any of the must and let it all ferment together. Which, while this doesn’t produce terrible wine, doesn’t make for great wine either, and my husband and I have quickly become “wine snobs”!

Even though the year draws closer and closer to an end, I only see the beginnings and plannings of a new planting season, of a new wine to be made, and the many trips and adventures that the winter season brings. It may be looking far ahead, but I’m already excited for 2015!


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