Nettle Pasta

Stinging Nettles are wonderful! Not only are the unusually high in protein for a plant, but they contain a lot of vitamins A & C, iron, calcium and potassium. Stinging Nettle can be substituted anywhere you would usually use spinach or even kale.

There are a lot of recipes out there for Nettle pasta, but I found most of them used the fresh plant, which took extra time and let’s face it, nettles are not the easiest plant to work with! I also have a hard time finding enough nettles to satisfy the fresh nettle recipes, and for a voracious weed, I seem to manage to kill it every year!

So I looked and looked and finally found this recipe: Nettle Pasta Recipe

This recipe is super easy, and both my husband and I love it. The pasta is beautiful and you don’t notice a taste difference! This recipe calls for a long rest time, however I usually only let the dough sit an hour, maybe two if I have a lot of other house/farm chores going on.

Definitely a new favorite in our house!


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