Introducing the New Girls on the Block . . .

Just want to say an official welcome to our two new hens. We adopted them from a couple who lives about an hour away from us. There were 20+ chicks living in a small area, and the two we picked out seemed to be the “runts”. Both very small, and seemed to be fighting their way through the others to get food.
We confirmed this apparent story when we got home and found out they were both eating their fallen feathers – a sign of protein deficiency. I am happy to say that after just a week with us, they are no longer interested in eating feathers! Both seem calmer (although they will not let us handle them yet!) and we hope that by the end of next week they will be living in the main coop with our other two hens.
The red hen on the left is Pogo – aptly named because the second we got her home and let her out, she hopped her way up from one thing to the next until she was up on top of the chicken coop, about to hop over the six-foot stockade fence! Her sister, tentatively called Lemon because of the bright yellow feet she had (they don’t seem as yellow now..?) is very skittish. I hope as they watch our interactions with the other hens, and come to know their new home, they will relax and learn to trust us!


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