Early Summer Update

Well, summer has finally arrived in CT. We seem to be about a month behind the usual weather schedule, but since there still hasn’t been much for humidity, I don’t mind!
Our zucchini and squash plants are covered in buds and little baby gourds – I can’t wait! The green beans have exploded with dozens of beans and our rapsberry bush looks like it will be ready any day! While we have to say good-bye to our early season delights, like radishes and snap peas, summer brings its own tasty treats! In a short time, our corn will be ladened with ears of delicious, sweet corn – I have to say, nothing compares to the fresh, sweet taste of homegrown corn!
Now that the vegetables and herbs are large enough to withstand the crushing of baby dinosaur feet and the loss of a tasty leaf or two, I have been allowing the hens to enter our garden (now penned off from their run) to help with the never ending abundance of grass and weeds that multiplies daily.
Amelia, our skittish and least sociable hen (no matter what we do) lost no time charging through the squash to find a special patch of dandelion and grass!

Little Hen, our sweetest and most docile, is the one I can trust not to rip of tomato leaves or eat the carrot tops!

Oh, Ms.Sasafrass! Sassy, our largest and most bold hen, has figured out that she doesn’t need me to let her into the garden! When we let them out of their coop to dig and enjoy the run, I always end up finding her on the otherside of the garden fence! At this point, all I can do is laugh and shake my head.


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