Garden Update

Hello all! I know I have been absent for awhile – it is time to weed, weed, and weed some more! I think for every weed I pull up, three new ones grow by the time I turn back around! Ha!
My Barred Rock hen is an excellent garden companion however and has been helping with the weeding 😉 She is the only one of the three hens I can count on to not get side-tracked by tasty tomato or green bean leaves.

We are starting to harvest more and more from our little garden each week! Another few days and I may have green beans! Our salad and kale have really gone wild so we have been enjoying many fresh salads. Our radishes are really starting to bulk up as well.


Since we have decided to postpone moving for another year, I went ahead and planted a few more veggies and purchased some strawberry, blueberry and even a meyer lemon plant! The blueberries are delicious!

Even if it’s a few berries or fresh snap pea, it sure does make up for all the work that goes in to planning, prepping and maintaining a garden!
What is everyone else harvesting? I have a few recipes I want to post as well – I just forgot to take pictures as I was cooking them! Oops. 😉

Well, better get back to weeding! Happy Gardening!


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